Millennials Blame Boomers for Ruining Their Lives

Published April 30, 2018 at 7:03 pm


For years, the discussions surrounding millennials have revolved around how so many of them will likely never own homes or retire rich due to red-hot housing markets and the sky high (and climbing) cost of living. 

There have also, of course, been discussions about the generation that some call “spoiled” and “entitled.” 

But regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, you should note that millennials are mad.

And they’re mad at their parents. 

A new poll has found that more than half of all American millennials say baby boomers have made their lives worse (and while the survey is U.S.-focused, we don’t think things are too different on our side of the border). 

Just as surprising is the fact that many boomers agree. Almost a third of people aged 54-69 agreed that policies made by their generation has made life more difficult for millennials.

One-third of millennials said boomers had not made a difference and only 13 per cent said they had improved things. In contrast, 34 per cent of boomers said they had made improvements.

Baby boomers were also not popular among Gen X, with 42 per cent saying they had made the situation worse.

The divide between the generations could become a major political rivalry as both seek assistance from cash-strapped governments.

According to Bain’s Macro Trends Group, automation will result in one-quarter of all jobs disappearing by 2030. Millennials looking for help from the government and boomers insisting on promised levels of social security and Medicare may come into conflict.

The survey operators asked participants how they would fix the problem, and some suggested removing all government officials and setting term limits, impeaching Donald Trump and getting more sleep to better fight off “negative emotions.” 

Easier said than done (especially the Trump part).

Do you believe boomers have made life more difficult for younger generations in Mississauga?

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