Military looking to boost ability to respond to more natural disasters: Vance


Gen. Jonathan Vance says the Canadian military will take a hard look at how to respond to the skyrocketing number of requests for assistance with climate-related emergencies.

The Canadian Armed Forces has seen a 1,000 per cent increase in the number of requests over the past four years as floods, snowstorms, fires, and other emergencies have swamped different parts of the country.

In a recent interview with The Canadian Press, Vance says providing such assistance is a key role for the Armed Forces, and one it is happy to do.

But he says the growing frequency and scope of the disasters threatens to stretch the military thin and is concerned it will start to detract from military's primary focus -- preparing for war.

The federal government is preparing to launch a major review of North America's defences that will look at everything from ballistic missiles to cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns.

But Vance says natural disasters will also figure in the discussion, including whether to boost the capabilities of the military, including the reserves, or civil organizations that are also tasked with responding to emergencies.

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