MIFF Coverage Part 4 - And the Winners Are…


On Sunday, after Footsteps concluded to thunderous applause and the cast and crew took questions from the audience, MIFF founder Matt Campagna launched into MIFF's award ceremony. He said that MIFF always chooses to forego pomp and circumstance, and he was right. There were no flowery introductions, slideshows, musical intros or over-long speeches.

The winners were chosen by a panel of judges from such companies as Forward Motion Entertainment, Manulife Securities, OUAT Media, Metroland, Galacticast.com and yourgeeknews.com.

The victorious artists were:

Viewer's Choice Award: "Blind Spot," directed by Matthew Nayman

Best Web Series: "Out With Dad," directed by Jason Leaver

Best Music Video: "Love is You," directed by Tristan Barrocks

Best Animation: "The Lady of Names," directed by Adam Ciolfi

Vistek Best Documentary (also with $500 in Vistek Rentals): "Unity: Hip-Hop's Next Chapter," directed by Mark Holmes and Mark Holt

G-Tech Best Short Film (also with 6TB G-Tech hard drive): "The Post Lifers," directed by Greg Kovacs

Best Actor: Rogan Christopher - "Footsteps"

RBC Royal Bank Best Feature Film (also with $1,000 cash prize): "Footsteps," directed by Noam Kroll.

When I first spoke to Campagna before the festival, he said that MIFF is, by and large, for filmmakers. So, speaking of filmmakers, how did some feel about the event?

"A city so rich in culture needs a festival like MIFF to celebrate art and the independent spirit," said filmmaker Ian Tuason, director of short film Pirates are Bad People.

Tuason, who said he'd have to see how MIFF went before deciding whether or not to participate next year, said the thing he most looked forward to (prior to the festival's kick off) was the networking opportunity the event would provide.

"I want to meet other filmmakers and enjoy their movies," he said.

Director Jeffery Pike, director of short horror film Minatory, also lauded the festival's potential networking benefits.

"The cast and I are hoping for more exposure. The more screens, the better. Distribution would be nice, but networking and exposure is the most important thing at this point in my/our career(s)."

And as far as next year goes, Pike says he'll be back.

"Yes I’ll be back next year, Miff is great," he said. "The best thing is seeing your work projected on the big screen. The networking opportunities and media coverage is a plus."

And as far as distribution goes -- any filmmaker's golden ticket -- one director got to proudly announce his film was picked up.

"The film has been sold," said Noam Kroll, director of MIFF's headliner film Footsteps.

As for what other films have garnered interest, we'll keep you posted as we learn more!

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