Marilyn Monroe Condos Lighting Up Mississauga in October


Published October 3, 2016 at 4:11 am


If you’re a big fan of the impact the glamorous Absolute World towers (otherwise known as the Marilyn Monroe buildings) have on Mississauga’s ever-evolving skyline, it might excite you to know that the towers will be putting on a constant lightshow throughout the month of October.

As you probably know, the condos periodically display certain lights or colours to celebrate landmark holidays or raise awareness of certain causes (red and green lights at Christmas, rainbow lights during Pride, etc.). Now, they’re kicking things up a notch.

This October, the condos will be celebrating a host of events and causes via eye-catching lighting.

So, what’s on tap for this month?

On Oct.1, the condos went for white for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and on Oct. 2, they went white and yellow for International Wrongful Conviction Awareness.

On Oct. 3, they’ll go pink for breast cancer awareness.

On Oct. 4, they’ll turn green to draw attention to cerebral palsy awareness.

On Oct. 5, 6 and 7 they will go pink again for breast cancer awareness.

On Oct. 10, the lights will be purple for world mental health awareness.

Oct. 19 will be “Go Purple Day” for child abuse awareness.

On Oct. 24, the buildings will be lit up in red, yellow and white for world polio awareness.

On Oct. 27, the lights will turn pink once more for breast cancer awareness (October is breast cancer awareness month, hence all the pink).

Last but not least, the lights will turn an appropriate orange hue on Oct. 31 to celebrate Halloween.

If this calendar excites you, you might be happy to know that the buildings may be open to displaying colours related to a cause that’s meaningful to you. According to Absolute World, the condo corporations (of 50 and 60 Absolute) will consider lighting requests for nondenominational, non-political registered national charitable events or causes.

Lighting cannot be considered for commercial events such as product launches, personal occasions (sorry, your birthday probably won’t make the cut), religious or political events or institutions or professions (no light shows for schools or hospitals).

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Happy October! 

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