Major GO Train Delays Affecting Mississauga Commuters


If you're a regular GO Transit user, you might have been affected by a CN Rail traffic control centre power outage.

GTA trains, including those traveling to and from Mississauga, were stalled for over an hour this morning in connection with the outage.

According to the CBC, GO Transit said it experienced a "system wide shut down" that affected all seven lines.

While power has been restored, commuters should expect some delays over the next few hours.

The affected trains include:

Lakeshore West

Aldershot GO 11:01 - Oshawa GO 13:11
Delay of 02h:44m:00s

Aldershot GO 11:31 - Oshawa GO 13:41
Delay of 02h:21m:00s

Aldershot GO 13:01 - Union Station 14:11
Delay of 08m:30s
Earlier power outage & passenger alarm.


Power has been restored at the CN Rail Traffic Control Centre and some signals are now working on the Kitchener line. Although trains are starting to move, you can expect residual delays as we work to get service back on schedule. The following trains are being impacted:

  • Mount Pleasant GO 12:00 - Union Station 12:54 train is cancelled.
  • Union Station 12:53 - Mount Pleasant GO 13:42 train is delayed 9 minutes.
  • Mount Pleasant GO 14:00 - Union Station 14:54 train is reinstated and will operate as schedued.
  • Mount Pleasant GO 14:00 - Union Station 14:54 train will start at Malton on time, and will operate all stops to Union.

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