Are you and your significant other financially compatible?According to a recent poll, many Canadians believe financial compatibility is a key part of a healthy relationship.
When it comes to embracing development and pursuing urbanization, Mississauga has been one of the more ambitious GTA municipalities. 
A few weeks ago, we learned that Mississauga would be welcoming a substantial craft beer and food festival for the first time ever.Now, we know a little bit more. 
If you love to shop for organic groceries while out and about in Port Credit—especially before or after you hit Elmwood Meat Market—we have some bad news for you.
Hey guys, I have an idea. Next time you go on a date in Mississauga, change it up a little. Perhaps she is getting a little sick of the big box restaurant dates or the 50-minute ride to a Toronto restaurant and the $20 for parking charge that will inevitably accompany your road trip. 
Long weekends are always exciting -- an extra day or two where you can sleep in, calories don't count, and there's the option to go on a long, leisurely road trip!
Are you thinking of selling your home, or maybe you've already tried selling before?
If you live in Mississauga, you probably enjoy shopping at Walmart for groceries and other basic household necessities.
Are you looking for a very special Valentine's Day present for that special someone (who might just be your mom or child or best friend, as Valentine's Day can be for everyone, after all)?
February 17, 2020, is going to be a great day.Why? Because it’s Family Day.It's the first statutory holiday since New Years, and the stretch between New Years Day and Family Day