If you enjoy technology—and really enjoy seeing how it's shaping the world—you might be happy to hear that a weekend-long hackathon event is slated to hit Mississauga very soon.
After over a year of fanfare and speculation, the decision has been made regarding Amazon’s second headquarters.It’s not coming to Mississauga, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA.
Although some people are wary of breaking out their Christmas decor and getting fully in the spirit in mid-November, now is actually the perfect time to start preparing for the holiday season.
When people think of Mississauga, they don't necessarily think of picturesque and historical boutique hotels that offer quaint and beautiful guest rooms, luscious grounds, exquisite dining and luxu
If you regularly shop at IKEA (as anyone in the market for affordable furniture does), you might also be a big fan of the Swedish brand's unique edible offerings.
When it’s early in the morning and you’re trying to wake up there’s nothing better than a nice fresh, steaming, cup of coffee.
It's almost mid-November, and that means it's time to get festive and start planning on hitting every Christmas and holiday market in Mississauga and surrounding cities.
Facebook Dating has officially launched in Canada. Canada is the first North American country to launch this new experience. 
Are you looking for a truly unique Christmas present?Something exclusive to Mississauga?
Second Cup is something of a Canadian success story—or at least a story about innovation.