The provincial government has announced today a new method of providing funding for education in Ontario.
Fans of Marvel movies (and superhero movies in general) should be pleased to hear that a Mississauga-raised actor will be starring in an upcoming Marvel film.
While most people have a good grasp on what constitues an emergency 911 call, it appears others are still struggling with the concept.
What’s the best kind of pizza in Mississauga? Cheap pizza!Dominos is offering all its pizzas for 50% off menu price this week at all locations in the city. 
While Celebration Square certainly functions as Mississauga's chief open-air entertainment hub, it's not the only outdoor concert or entertainment venue in the city. 
The #FaceAppChallenge is the latest trend to hit social media, and with it comes privacy and security concerns.
Summertime is festival time and Mississauga boasts more than its fair share of events that feature everything from music to food to entertainment.
We currently live in a day and age where social media is thriving. Let’s face it, most people check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds at least once a day.
In May, Instagram made an announcement &nb
For many people, summertime is travel time and for good reason—the kids (and perhaps even you) are out of school, the weather is perfect in most parts of the world and the opportunities to explore