Justin Trudeau re-elected as Prime Minister


Published October 22, 2019 at 3:48 am


While not all the votes have been officially counted, and there are still several ridings whose winners have yet to be officially declared, many outlets have already called the election for the Liberals.

It appears Justin Trudeau will continue to lead the country, however, now he will do so with a minority government, as the Liberals failed to win the 170 seats needed for a majority government.

The Conservatives, who are projected to finish the election with 26 more seats than they won in 2015, will remain as the official opposition.

A surge in support for the Bloc Quebecois saw them take 32 seats—22 more than they won in 2015—all in Quebec.

Additionally, led by the charismatic Jagmeet Singh, the NDP didn’t do as well as they had hoped, as they lost 15 seats and finished fourth in total behind the Bloc.

While the Green Party collected six per cent of the popular vote, only three per cent less than the Bloc’s popular vote totals, their votes were much more spread out, as they only managed to claim three seats—which is still an improvement from 2015.

The People’s Party was unable to claim a single seat, and not even party leader Maxime Bernier was able to claim a spot in the House of Commons.

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