Justin Trudeau Promises To Lower Taxes and Cell Phone Bills in Mississauga


Justin Trudeau appeared in Brampton on Sunday, September 22, where he promised to lower taxes and cell phone bills if he was re-elected.

Trudeau and local Liberal Party MPs made the announcement at the residence of the Minhas family, in the area of South Brampton.

“Middle-class Canadians won’t pay taxes on the first $15,000 of income they earn,” Trudeau said. “This will save the average Canadian $292 every year, while the average middle-class family will get $585.”

Trudeau stated that a re-elected Liberal government would cut cell phone bills by nearly 25 per cent, saving the average family of 4 up to $976 yearly.

Trudeau was recently under fire after images of him dressed in Brownface were brought to life in a TIME Magazine piece

However, a recently conducted National telephone survey found many Canadians still favour Trudeau as Prime Minister.

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