It’s more than just bacon & eggs: It’s about support

Published February 23, 2023 at 12:53 pm

For fast-growing breakfast franchise Pür & Simple, excellent food and great service aren’t the only reasons for their success.

The franchise, which has quickly expanded to more than 35 Canadian locations over the past few years, has also found success from putting a ton of support behind their employees and franchise partners.

Here in the GTA, you’ll find popular Pür & Simple locations in major cities including Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington and many more.

Stuart worked his way up at Pur & Simple to eventually become Director of Operations for the restaurant’s parent company. He talked about how the support he received was vital to his growth.

Q: What’s your story with Pür & Simple?

Stuart: I actually came to the company about two years ago. I used to work for another breakfast and lunch restaurant corporately, but I met [Pür & Simple co-founders] Derek and Ritou. Just speaking with them over the phone, I loved their energy, I loved their passion – they had a really exciting concept, and I came on board and honestly never looked back since.

Q: What is it about Pür & Simple that keeps you here?

Stuart: I love the brand culture, I love how they’re always adapting to keep up with the trends. Even though I work in a corporate position, I’m never treated corporately – they treat us all as human beings. I talk to Derek, I talk to Ritou on the regular. At a lot of other places there are certain “levels” to where you are on the chain, and you’re not supposed to interact with higher-ups, you’re privileged when you’re able to do so.

It’s not like that here. The culture is very open, they do really treat us with respect; they treat us like we’re a small family. It’s not only us, it’s the franchise partners as well. They really look after them, they listen to their feedback, and it’s the only way to grow. We’re only as good as our stores, just like our stores are only as good as their guests.

Q: How has Pür & Simple helped you during your career?

Stuart: Everything Derek and Ritou have ever said or promised, they followed through on everything. The biggest thing for me in this company is the support. I’m given all the support I need and more, I’m provided with all the tools and resources, access to people with years of experience. They share their insight, their experience, everything with me.

They’ve just really enabled me to be my best, they’ve given me a lot of autonomy and they’ve allowed me to grow and develop on my own. And they’re always there to assist and encourage me wherever I need it.

Q: What was your “aha” moment where you knew Pür & Simple was the right choice?

Stuart: There’s been several moments along the way where it felt like I’ve kind of peaked and am comfortable, and then something else comes up – another opportunity, another way to develop. COVID was a huge eye-opener for the world but especially for this industry, the hospitality industry was hit really hard. It was being able to adapt and grow, learning the vulnerabilities and getting better, getting stronger from it.

Q: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

Stuart: It’s tough because there’s a lot of sweet and savoury [dishes]… if I had to go with my all-time favourite it would probably be the Keto (two eggs with bacon, lettuce, avocado, goat cheese, red and green peppers and red onions, served with a side of blueberries and strawberries).

With so much support given to employees and franchise partners, it’s no wonder so many people are eager to join the Pür & Simple family as the restaurant continues to expand to even greater heights.

Their plan for 2023 is to keep the momentum going by opening more new locations across Canada – and even some new locations in the U.S., a market they plan to break into soon.

Potential franchisees interested in being part of this successful brand should check the franchise page for more info.

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It’s more than just bacon & eggs:

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