It’s more than just bacon & eggs: It’s about everyone coming together

Published January 6, 2023 at 11:15 am

By now, diners who love breakfast and brunch restaurants are no doubt familiar with the name Pür & Simple.

The popular restaurant franchise has only been around for a few years, and they’ve seen massive growth during that time. Pür & Simple’s continuous success allowed them to expand to over 35 Canadian locations all across Canada.

What’s their secret?

Aside from their delicious breakfast and brunch offerings, they attribute much of their success to the people who make up the Pür & Simple family, such as the restaurant’s founders, corporate partners, cooks, servers, and of course the franchisees.

That includes people like Ben Chow, who worked back of the house before eventually becoming part of the restaurant’s corporate team. He now works with Pür & Simple’s franchise partners to get their restaurants up and running.

Q: What’s your story at Pür & Simple?

Ben: I started out in this industry over 20 years ago. I started out cooking, I love food so that’s how I got into this industry in the first place — I studied it in school. I worked many years as a kitchen manager, a kitchen supervisor.

I wanted something different, something more challenging, so I decided to pursue corporate employment with the restaurant. That’s how I got here.

I love eating, so that’s one reason why I have a passion for food. My father is a chef who makes Chinese cuisine, my uncle owns a Thai restaurant, and my grandfather also was a chef, so they inspired me to become who I am today. That’s how I got into this industry.

Q: What makes Pür & Simple different, and what about it keeps you here?

Ben: Pür & Simple is different because we provide an elevated experience for the guests, for the employees, and pretty much everyone who walks through our doors. We elevate the experience working-wise, dining-wise, everything.

Q: What do you do on a daily basis?

Ben: I train our employees – when I walk into the store, if they’re doing something not up to our standards, I show them the correct way to do it and how to treat our guests. We want to do everything with finesse.

I do enjoy training people, watching them start from the bottom. I watch them grow, train them, and day by day they get better and better. The training for opening a new restaurant normally takes three weeks. After those three weeks I see the outcome and I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of the brand, I’m proud of the individuals I trained. It’s an amazing feeling.

Q: Tell me about how food brings people together.

Ben: Food is a social thing, where everyone gets together, you share different types of food, different cultures, you speak about it, you engage together. It’s like having a potluck, everyone coming together enjoying different types of food.

And what do you do when you sit down and have dinner with friends and family? You socialize, you get together. Everything we do in life, it’s always better together.

Q: Tell me about the culture of Pür & Simple.

Ben: It’s family-oriented, it’s fun. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Pür & Simple, regardless of whether you’re an employee, you’re a guest, you’re a manager – it doesn’t matter who you are, we want you to enjoy it and we want to give you that hospitality that we’ve proven to have.

When it comes to the future of Pür & Simple, the sky’s the limit. There’s no doubt the restaurant’s constant success will allow them to continue to open more new locations in 2023 across Canada and in the U.S., a market they plan to break into soon.

Pür & Simple is always on the lookout for new, passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to join their team and operate their very own breakfast and brunch restaurant in one of Canada’s most successful brands.

Those who are interested in franchising with Pür & Simple can visit the restaurant’s website for more info on how to get started.

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It’s more than just bacon & eggs:

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