Is Real Sports Bar coming to Mississauga?


Could Mississauga be the next location for what ESPN calls "North America's Best Sports Bar? According to a rumour, MLSE's Real Sports Bar & Grill might indeed be coming to town!  

Industry insiders say that the supersized man cave might be making its way to the west side.

The colossal Toronto location boasts a 39-foot HD big screen that sits centre stage (kind of like the crucifix in a Catholic church), which is perfect for the sports fans that go to cheer on their team. There are also 199 HD televisions in the 25,000 sq. ft. gargantuan space. Throw in 36 beer selections and award-winning food, and you've got yourself a sports fan's heaven on earth.

Mississauga has just as many sports fans as any other city, which is evident in the city's core. Sports fans fill Celebration Square and all of the surrounding bars and restaurants during every major sporting event, especially during the World Cup.

Ask any condo security guard the percentage increase of noise complaints during these major sporting events from people who choose to stay in instead of join the masses outside. We're not quiet when it comes to sports!

So if Real Sports Bar & Grill is indeed coming to downtown Mississauga, the only logical place to build is at the city's core by Square One and Celebration Square.

There are some major chunks of real estate unoccupied around the City Centre area. More specifically the old Empire Theatre’s and Target at Square One and Sportchek on Rathburn will be moving into Square One. So there are a lot of options. 

Take a walk through Celebration Square during any major sporting event and you'll see why -- the games are shown on the giant screens that line the south side of square and families and friends come together to spend an afternoon cheering for their team.

Mississauga is the next stop west of Toronto and is becoming a destination city for tourists from surrounding cities. It's a city of convenience for people living outside of Toronto who'd rather make the drive to Mississauga where parking is free and gridlock isn't quite so formidable.

What do you think? Could this be the home of the next Real Sports Bar & Grill? Let's imagine how amazing that would be right in our own backyard….Yes!

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