inTop 5 Ice Cream Spots in Mississauga


Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a nice hot day in Mississauga unless you are having it on a funnel cake or a sugar cone. 

Here are the top 5 places to get ice cream in Mississauga:

5 - Scoops

Scoops is a great neighbourhood ice cream place in the heart of the most popular summer neighbourhood in Mississauga, Port Credit. Once you walk in you can tell this is old school with the counter of ice cream lined up on the right side of the store. They have everything from ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, and sherbet. While you can have it in a cup, cone, milkshake or sundae but nothing beats a sugar cone. They offer over 30 flavours to choose from so your favourite scoop will be there for you.

4 - Dairy King

Move over Dairy Queen, the King is coming through. Dairy King is located in Port Credit and was founded in 2002. They’re famous for their huge portion sizes and extensive menu with over 15 flavours of hard ice cream and Nathan’s famous hot dogs (those good ones served at Leaf’s games and Yankee Stadium). They serve anything you can pile ice cream onto or into such as crepes, Belgian waffles, smoothies and protein shakes. You will also find frozen yogurt, banana splits, flurry ice cream, milkshakes, and slushies. More recently comfortable indoor seating and mini-donuts and 8 different dipping sauces for them were added to the menu making it the perfect accompaniment to their freshly brewed illy brand coffee and espresso based drinks. Dairy King is unique because of its walk-up serving style: imagine a drive-thru without being in a car, but they still have a window so you can see the different flavours of ice cream. They also offer outside seating and you’re always greeted with a smile because staff is so friendly and helpful, which makes line-ups go quickly so you can have your delicious ice cream sooner.

3 - Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor

Located in Streetsville, the outside of Murphy’s looks like a normal vintage ice cream shop, but when you walk inside you’ll be greeted with the best waffle cone and sweet ice cream smell you’ve ever smelled! Murphy’s has soft serve ice cream, hard ice cream, slushies, cakes, frozen yogurt, sundaes and delicious Italian gelato. They have a big flavour selection, with flavours like watermelon, lemon, pistachio, and of course, the regular vanilla and chocolate. The service is quick, even in the summer and on weekends when the line up is out the front door. There is ample outdoor seating now that the Streetsville Village Square has been built to enjoy your frozen treat and perhaps catch some live music on the stage.

2 - Dairy Cream

Dairy Cream established in 1958 is located on Lakeshore Road East, but you can just look for the line-up on summer days and nights to find it. They have anything you would want to cool down on a hot day including real soft serve ice cream made with real cream - it’s a local favorite for dipped cones. Also on the menu are over 40 flavours of hard scoop ice cream, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, flurries, yogurt smoothies, fresh made funnel cakes, Belgian waffles, slushies, nutty bars, ice cream sandwiches, and take home tubs of hard scoop ice cream, soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. Be prepared to enjoy your frozen treat in the comforts of your own vehicle as there is no inside seating, only a few picnic tables scattered at the front of the shop.

1 - Port 1 Cafe & Gelateria  

Port 1 Cafe & Gelateria is Mississauga’s only artisan gelateria located in Port Credit making their ice cream on the premises. Gelato is Italian ice cream made with whole milk, high quality ingredients, and less cream than North America’s version of ice cream - making it lower in fat. Gelato is churned at a much slower rate than ice cream making the texture more dense and the flavours more intense. Port 1 prides themselves on making their gelato and sorbettos (dairy-free) in-house and in small batches using all-natural ingredients imported from Italy. Some of their most popular gelato and sorbetto flavours include lemon, salted peanut, chocolate, and red velvet. They offer a rotating selection of 30 flavours and frequently introduce new ones throughout the year. Also on the menu are made-to-order shakes and smoothies (using fresh fruits with a choice of milk or juice, added protein or espresso shot), coffee based drinks, teas and tea lattes, freshly made sandwiches such as grilled Montreal smoked meat, roast beef or chicken (using bread from a local bakery), made-to-order personal sized pizza’s, soup, empanada’s/meat pies (from a local bakery), and Dufflet’s pastries. They offer a comfortable indoor atmosphere and a patio with free wifi and are home to a collection of beautiful artwork by a local community group called The Guilty Artists of Port Credit which rotates periodically. They also feature musical talent and offer their space for special interest groups. They also host chocolate making and feature Barista training workshops. While this shop doesn’t have the nostalgic factor that some of Mississauga’s ice cream shop gems offer, it takes the top spot for offering fresh, high quality, homemade ice cream. For the nostalgic factor, try their vanilla and the blood orange gelato together - it took me on a trip down memory lane eating Creamsicle’s as a kid. 


Wow Wow Yum Yum

Wow Wow Yum Yum is not only Mississauga’s first Thai ice cream roll shop but it’s also the first in the GTA and possibly Canada (there are only two other ice cream roll shops known in Canada - one is in Montreal and the other in Toronto) where you can try this delicious hand-made ice cream. It’s literally made by hand! Thai ice cream rolls are also known as fried ice cream rolls, stir-fried ice cream or ice pan ice cream. It’s a street food craze popular in Thailand. Videos of Thai street vendors started trending on Facebook and YouTube a few years ago and more recently it has made its way to NYC with a few shops that opened up last year.


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