insauga Mall Parking Tips


Here are some handy suggestions that might help save you some time and avoid the headache of aimlessly searching for you vehicle in a sea of parked cars.

Where to park at Square One? 

The Hudson’s Bay parkade. Take the time to drive up the winding ramps and head up to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th levels of the parking garage.  The advantage of this is if you find parking on the 2nd or 3rd levels it's just a short walk to the 2nd floor of The Bay.  When leaving Square One, simply drive all the way down to the lower level of the parking garage and take the South exit out of the lot.  You can only turn right but I suggest pulling into the Timmies building and make and get back to Burnhamthorpe, thus avoiding the Library/City Hall/Condo living bottleneck. If you go to the top level of The Bay parkade and find no parking you will find no parking anywhere! 

Where to park at Erin Mill Town Centre?

Although I haven't frequented this mall all too much as of late due to it being under construction since the turn of the century, I tend to park at the Sears upstairs facing Eglington Rd.  You'll find plenty of available parking spots there, and when you're ready to leave Eglington is easily accessible. 
Where to park at Dixie Mall?

Okay, so there's ample parking everywhere, even when it's packed.  You might have to walk a bit but there's always parking.  The key to this mall is to find the best access point.  If you've parked on one side of the mall (ala Winners) and you're trying to get to the other side (ala Sport Check) you're guaranteed to experience the dreaded "chaffing of the thighs."  Save yourself the headache by parking in the back of the mall.  The doors facing West will lead you to the middle of the mall and when you enter you should be right next to Aldo shoes.  Don't get this confused with the doors facing south (towards Lakeview Golf Course).Where to park at Sheridan Mall?

If you're shopping here it's because you're on your lunch break or you need to get your drivers license information updated.  As far as parking goes, park wherever.  If you want to avoid rain/snow/sun on your car, go around the back and park in the garage.  Believe it or not, it's worth it.  By parking there you filter right into the food court.   Where to park at Sherway Gardens?

Let's face it, there's never anywhere good to park at Sherway and the lots are usually jammed.  With that being said, I always park just outside of Sporting Life across from the Toys 'R' Us.  Personally, I find the mall so damn confusing, but if I park there, I know I can find Sporting Life while in the mall and then exit from those doors, alleviating any potential headaches.  Heck, from the outside it looks like there might be two entrances right next to each other but inside the mall, they're a mile apart...WTF is that?

I'd like to take this moment now to thank my wife and children for dragging me along to every damn mall in Mississauga, thus providing me with such useless knowledge that I have now passed on to you...more to come.

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