How to Handle Canada Day Fireworks in Burlington

Published June 30, 2017 at 6:35 pm

The Burlington Fire Department is encouraging residents to keep safe around fireworks and pyrotechnics displays this July 1 long weekend.

The Burlington Fire Department is encouraging residents to keep safe around fireworks and pyrotechnics displays this July 1 long weekend.

“With the hot weather we’ve had lately, we’re discouraging residents from setting off their own fireworks on Canada Day,” said chief fire prevention officer Joe Wintar.

To lower the risk of fire and burn injury, Wintar is advising against family fireworks or informal neighbourhood displays.

The city is hosting a full day of activities in Spencer Smith Park, including fireworks (a 20-minute display will be presented at 10 p.m. over Lake Ontario).


“I encourage everyone to think about enjoying this show put on by pyrotechnic professionals,” Wintar added.

If you’d rather host a family show, though, Wintar recommends using safety-certified fireworks sold by a trusted source.

Most injuries – namely to the face and hands – are caused when people ignore proper safety precautions when handling fireworks, and wearing glasses and gloves are easy ways to protect yourself.

Speaking of protecting yourself (and the right to enjoy your hard-earned long weekend in a hammock with cold bevvies and inappropriately short shorts!), here are contact numbers you’re likely going to need because … neighbours.

Fire Hazards: For fire safety concerns related to the use of fireworks, call BFD’s non-emergency line at 905-637-8207. For any fire emergency call 9-1-1.

Public/Personal Safety: For personal safety concern related to fireworks, call the Halton Regional Police non-emergency line: 905-825-4777.

Roads & Parks: For questions or concerns related to fireworks being set off in city roads or parks, contact the city’s road’s & parks maintenance department: 905-333-6166 or e-mail: [email protected]

Licensing and Sale of Fireworks: The building bylaw section licenses and regulates the sales of fireworks. If there are retail sales of fireworks and no visual business licence posted phone 905-335-7731 or e-mail: [email protected]

Noise Complaints: Gripes resulting from the discharge of fireworks can be directed to the Halton police non-emergency line: 905-825-4777 or the city’s by-law office after-hours answering service: 905-335-7731.

For those who are semi-new to Burlington or just visiting, fireworks can be set off – if they’re for your family and on your property as long as you’re being safe – and:

  • It’s on Canada Day, July 1 or the three days before July 1
  • You’re at least 18-years-old
  • You’re on private property and not on any highway, street or public property, such as city parks or school yards
  • Fireworks are being used outside and fired away from such places as doors, windows, buildings and cars.

If you’re choosing to partake in pyrotechnics, here are some more reminders to prevent fireworks-related injuries:

  • Light only one firework at a time and never hold a lit firework in your hand.
  • Only adults should handle fireworks.
  • Attempting to relight a “dud” or defective firework is dangerous and can quickly backfire and result in injury.
  • After the firework display, keep children away from used fireworks as they still may be active.
  • Sparklers are popular with kids. Although small, sparklers burn extremely hot. A lit sparkler can reach nearly 650 C. Sparklers can stay hot after burning. Place both sparklers and fireworks in a metal bucket of water or sand to cool down.

(Source: City of Burlington)

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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