Here’s where you can see the different blooming flowers in Mississauga


Published May 12, 2023 at 3:01 pm

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Mississauga officials say the city offers a wide array of gardens, trails and green spaces in which people can find “beautiful trees and blooming flowers.”

And with the relative heat of spring already here and hotter summer days fast approaching, the City of Mississauga is pointing residents in the direction of places where they can check out nature at its most attractive.

Starting things off, the cherry blossoms have hit peak bloom at Kariya Park in Mississauga’s downtown core.

The colourful green space, named for Mississauga’s sister city in Japan, features some 80 or so cherry blossom trees.

Other places in Mississauga to see cherry blossoms are Malton Greenway Park, Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, Adamson Estate, Westacres Park and Riverwood Conservancy.

Beyond the cherry blossoms, the City notes that rhododendrons (spring-early summer bloom), lilacs (spring-early summer) and hydrangeas (late summer) also let themselves be seen in abundance across Mississauga.

“There is so much to explore when it comes to flowers, gardens, parks and boulevards throughout the city,” a City spokesperson said in a news release today (May 12), adding residents should take the opportunity this spring and summer to get their “fill of some of the prettiest blooms in Mississauga.

“Mississauga’s flowers are in bloom. Spring is one of the best times to experience Mississauga, with so many beautiful things in bloom for you to enjoy all over the city–flowers, plants, trees and shrubs.”

Rhododendrons, bell-shaped flowers that grow on a bush, usually bloom later in the spring.

They can be seen in Mississauga at the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, Adamson Estate, Riverwood Conservancy and Hancock Woodlands.


Hydrangeas (see cover photo), elegant plants that are easy to cultivate, according to the City, tolerate almost any type of soil and produce abundant blooms.

They bloom in late summer and come in a variety of colours, including white, blue, pinks and purple.

They can be seen in Mississauga at the Leslie Log House, Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, Adamson Estate and Riverwood Conservancy.

Not to be forgotten, lilacs can be found at most of the locations listed above as well.

Visit the City of Mississauga website for more information.


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