Cherry blossoms are at peak bloom in Mississauga


Published May 11, 2023 at 3:13 pm

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at downtown Mississauga park

The cherry blossoms are still at peak bloom in Mississauga and City officials are inviting people to a colourful downtown park to have a peek at them.

But in doing so, visitors to Kariya Park are being told to stay on the trails, don’t climb the trees and, above all else, do not pluck off the blooms.

Cherry blossom season in Mississauga arrived a little earlier than usual this spring, with a handful of Kariya Park’s 80 or so cherry blossom trees blooming in late April.

While the blossoms and their ethereal beauty weren’t in full bloom last year in the city until the middle of May, a few days of summer-like weather this April got the blooms started earlier this time around in Mississauga and across the GTA.

One of the best places in Mississauga to see them once they are in full bloom is Kariya Park, a tranquil Japanese-style greenspace located near the city’s downtown core and named for Mississauga’s sister city in Japan.

Once the blossoms do bloom, they don’t last very long. So, people looking to spot them up close should do so quickly after they arrive.

Cherry blossoms have a celebrated history in Japanese art and culture, City of Mississauga officials noted earlier, adding many of the world’s cherry blossom tree varieties come from the Japanese cherry tree (Sakura).

The delicate flowers, often soft white, blush pink and dark rose, bloom for just a few days.

This year also marks 41 years of Mississauga’s sister city relationship with Kariya, Japan.

Mississauga has called Kariya its sister city since 1981. The Japanese city features a Mississauga Park, opened in 2001, that’s complete with a replica of Mississauga’s City Hall.

Kariya Park in Mississauga opened in July 1992.

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