Here’s When the New Addition to the Joseph Brant Museum Will Open in Burlington

Published April 29, 2019 at 10:45 pm

previous inhalton article – from 2017 to be exact – revealed that the Joseph Brant Museum in Burl

previous inhalton article – from 2017 to be exact – revealed that the Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington had officially broke ground on an $11-million project (more specifically, $11.4-million).

So, what exactly is this project?

The Joseph Brant Museum transformation. 

According to the city of Burlington’s website, a new addition to the museum will be built into the grassy area under the current museum, which is a 1937 replica of the house of Mohawk native Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea, built on a 1798 Crown land grant.

As one might expect, this transformation will increase the size of the current museum.

“The expansion by contractor Aquicon Construction, on behalf of the City of Burlington, will add more than 12,000 square feet to its current size,” reads the city of Burlington website. “This will allow the Joseph Brant Museum to become a cultural destination and a place to host national exhibitions and the collection of artifacts. The current 5,000-square-foot museum will be expanded to provide barrier-free space for gallery displays, interactive programming, the storage of collections and community outreach.”

At the time of the previous article, no estimated opening date had been announced. Although, things have now changed.

According to the city’s website, the new addition to the museum is expected to open this summer.

No exact opening date has been revealed yet, however, we will provide updates when they become available.

In addition to informing readers when the new addition will open, the city’s website also shares where exactly the $11.4-million will come from. 

According to the city, $2.9-million will come from the city of Burlington, $4.5-million will come from the government of Canada, $1.5-million will come from the province of Ontario, and $2.5-million will come from the Joseph Brant Museum Foundation.

For more information about this transformation, click here.

Photo is courtesy of the city of Burlington’s website. 

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