Here’s What Burlington Will be Spending Over $90 Million on

Published February 27, 2019 at 7:20 pm

On Feb. 25, 2019 the City of Burlington approved it’s 2019 capital budget.

On Feb. 25, 2019 the City of Burlington approved it’s 2019 capital budget.

This year, the city’s capital budget comes in at $96.4 million with a 10-year capital budget of $819.0 million. 

According to a press release, 72 per cent of the 10-year capital budget will be put towards renewing the city’s aging infrastructure. This, notes the release, will be in accordance with the renewal funding strategy outlined in the city’s Asset Management Plan

Here’s what the $96.4 million will go towards.

The largest amount of money, $49.5 million, will be put towards roadways, $10.1 million will be used for facilities and buildings, $8.4 million will go towards parks and open spaces, and $6.3 million will be used for storm water management.

Futhermore, $10.6 million will go towards fleet vehicles and equipment, $9.5 million will be used for information technology, $0.9 million will go towards local boards (Burlington Public Library, Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington Museums), and $1.1 million will be set aside for parking.

Before this budget was approved, residents of Burlington were able to provide their feedback on the proposed capital budget – which was $96.8 million with a 10-year proposal of $819.3 million. 

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback on the proposed 2019 capital budget through town halls, by email, or online through social media channels,” Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in the release. “Your input is important and makes a difference in our discussions at Committee and Council meetings.”

“The 2019 capital budget makes very important investments in transit and infrastructure and I look forward to continuing the respectful discussions with Council about the proposed operating budget to find ways that we can deliver a final tax increase under three per cent,” Meed Ward continued.

Some other highlights of the 2019 capital budget include$1.9 million in funding being put towards improving public transit. With this money, the city will be purchasing three new conventional buses.

In addition, $234,000 in funding will be used to purchase one new para-transit bus, $550,000 in funding will be used to build a new splash pad in Brant Hills Community Park, $450,000 in funding going towards a new sports lighting system for the ball diamond and pathways at Maple Park, and finally $600,000 in funding going towards new amenities at Tansley Woods Park.

The city’s proposed operating budget of $167,556,586. has not yet been approved.

What do you think of the city’s capital budget?

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