Here's How You Can Get a Discounted Bus Pass in Mississauga


Public transit is something many residents rely on in their daily lives, which is why the Region of Peel is making it easier for those who have trouble affording it.

Mississauga and Brampton residents who can’t afford a monthly bus pass have the option to apply for a considerable discount.

The discount would lower the price of the pass to $65 for adults ($30.50 for seniors) in Mississauga and to $62 for adults ($26 for seniors) in Brampton.

The discount is valid for 12 months. After the discounted period ends, you can re-apply or the cost of your monthly bus pass would return to full price,” Peel says.

If a resident is eligible for the discount, any of their dependents who need a bus pass will also be eligible.

So who exactly is eligible?

The discount is available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and newcomers who have applied for permanent residency, sponsorship, or refugee protection in Canada. International students and foreign workers are not eligible.

You must also live in Mississauga or Brampton and have a net household income of a certain amount or lower, depending on the number of people in your household:

Additionally, you’ll need a PRESTO card, as the discount will be programmed onto your card if approved.

To learn more or apply online for the discount, click here.

Editor’s note: A correction has been made to the price of the discounted bus passes. We apologize for the error.

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