Here are the top original languages spoken by Milton residents

Published January 6, 2023 at 3:23 pm

A breakdown of the latest data released by Statistics Canada shows that when it comes to mother tongue languages, Milton has become very diverse.

The data, taken during surveys in 2021 and recently released, shows that while English is still the dominant first language, combined, languages other than those officially spoken in Canada now make up more than 50 per cent of the population.

According to the survey, first languages represent every corner of the earth, and, from these corners also come various regional dialects.

Here, then, are the top mother tongue languages of Milton residents:

  1. English – 73,185
  2. Urdu – 12,750
  3. Arabic – 5,410
  4. Spanish – 3,090
  5. Punjabi – 2,350
  6. Tagalog – 2,015
  7. Polish – 1,730
  8. Mandarin – 1,510
  9. Hindi – 1,450
  10. Tamil – 1,115

The data shows that Canada’s other official language, French, is listed as the original language of 1,450 residents.

Other languages that are spoken in smaller amounts include Wolof (Senegal), Baluchi (Iran), Vlaams (Belgium), Haitian Creole (Haiti), and Kankanaey (Philippines).

A wealth of other statistics about Milton concerning languages, income, ancestry, and immigration can be found here along with the latest data released by Statistics Canada.





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