Hamilton Mayor apologizes for ‘insensitive’ United States Capitol tweet 


Published January 7, 2021 at 2:46 pm

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger issued an apology, three hours after posting a tweet Thursday (Jan. 7) regarding the attempted takeover of the US Capitol by violent pro-Trump rioters in DC.

The mob stormed the halls of Congress on Wednesday in an attempt to block Joe Biden’s Presidential win, resulting in four deaths.

Eisenberger’s 11:26 a.m. tweet read: “Anyone else binge watching the final season of The United States of America!! #HamOnt”

The attempt at humour led to a barrage of unimpressed responses.

“I’m disappointed in you, @FredEisenberger. I teach high school; if one of my students had made this obtuse and insensitive remark, I’d ask them why they think the potential demise of a neighbour and close ally is something to trivialize or laugh at. Do better.”

“Considering your complete lack of action to stop these same yahoos from gathering at City Hall for almost a year I don’t think this is a glass house you should toss stones at.”

“Please take this down. People were threatened and attacked in their place of democracy and their place of work. An attempted coup. Democracy is fragile. We need our leaders to stand up for protecting our democracy. This tweet isn’t funny. Our world is hurting.”

Mayor Eisenberger tweeted an apology at 2:25 p.m. Thursday:

“Yesterday’s riot at the United States Capitol was a dark day for America and an unprecedented assault on democracy. What is happening in the United States should not be described as entertainment. #HamOnt”

“I would like to apologize for my previous tweet which was meant to bring levity to the situation but was insensitive and inappropriate. I condemn yesterday’s disgraceful event and trust justice will be done to those who led, participated in and encouraged this attack. #HamOnt”


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