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Published June 22, 2017 at 4:43 am


For many people, summertime is travel time.

Now that the warm weather is here, you’re probably looking to get away from the city for a little while, be it for a one night trip, a seven-day travel adventure or an even more endless journey. And while planning a trip (booking flights, picking hotels and buying train and museum tickets) is always fun, you might not always know what to pack.

That’s where MUJI to GO comes in.

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Available products vary by country.

MUJI, the unique and diverse Japanese clothing, home goods, craft and decor store that recently came to Canada (and operates a location inside Square One) to provide shoppers with everything from summery linen outfits to unique snacks to stylish aroma diffusers, is working to make life more pleasant for travelers with its MUJI to GO collection.

MUJI to GO offers products that work to make travel more pleasant, comfortable and easy and they’re perfect for various aspects of the journey.

Whether you’re heading off to a vibrant city or on an exotic sunshine destination, your journey begins when you’re packing and picking and choosing what to bring in order to get the most pleasure out of your trip.

MUJI to GO products are designed to be travel companions that encourage you to see and experience more on your trip, simply by being practical tools that are easy to use.

Here’s a look at just some of the products you can purchase before your trip:



Clockwise from left: carry-on sized travel suitcase ($199), paraglider cloth foldable organizer pouch ($13), paraglider cloth gusset case with a handle ($25) and a handled pouch ($19).

It doesn’t matter if you’re going away for one night, one week or one month, the packing phase marks the beginning of your trip, and it should be fun and easy. MUJI makes packing more enjoyable with smartly designed suitcases, bags and organizers.

It’s always best to start a vacation on the right foot, and doing so involves ensuring your clothes are well-organized, your toiletries safely stored and your chargers and electronics neatly stowed away. 


Clockwise from left: Well-fitted neck cushion ($35), a TPU clear case ($10), assorted travel containers, a portable eye mask ($10) and portable slippers ($15). 

Whether you’re travelling by plane or on the ground, those hours spent in transport are also an important part of your journey. You want to keep yourself busy while ensuring anything you might need is on hand. These accessories will make your travel smooth and worry free, so you can arrive to your destination relaxed and ready to explore.


Clockwise from left: MUJI’s backpack with a side zip pocket ($49), passport case with pockets ($39), a paraglider cloth foldable organizer pouch double ($19), paraglider cloth foldable shopping bag ($39), portable laundry set ($16.50), compressed t-shirt ($19), compressed stripe stole ($15), paraglider cloth safety case ($25), assorted small PP containers and beach sandals ($10.50).

Once you reach your final destination, you want to make the most out of it. These travel companions will help you do so, without taking extra space in your luggage. 

MUJI to GO promotions will start on Friday, June 23.

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