Former cellmate says Schlatter confessed to strangling Richey with scarf


TORONTO -- A jailhouse informant is testifying that Kalen Schlatter confessed to strangling a young woman with a scarf after she refused to have sex in an alley.

The informant, who can only be identified as E.S. due to a publication ban, says Schlatter confided in him when they shared a cell at a Toronto detention centre in 2018.

E.S. says Schlatter described meeting Tess Richey at the Crews and Tangos bar, going to a hotdog stand with her and her friend afterwards, then taking Richey down an alley after her friend left.

He says Schlatter recalled making out with Richey in a stairwell, then losing control when she told him she didn't want to go any further because she was on her period.

Richey, 22, went missing after a night out with a friend in November 2017. Her body was found in a stairwell days later by her mother and a family friend.

Schlatter has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and his lawyers have drawn attention to another man who was seen in the area that night.

The Canadian Press

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