If you've always wanted more urban food festivals in the city, your wish is about to come true—the annual Toronto Mac 'N Cheese Festival is making its way to Mississauga this summer.

While almost everyone knows Winterlicious is about to kick off in Toronto, they should also be aware that they don't have to travel too far east to enjoy a special prix-fixe menu celebration.

If you've always loved iconic Mississauga hotspot The Apricot Tree, you'll be happy to know that its ambitious expansion renovation is complete.

The restaurant industry is a difficult one, so it's extremely impressive when a restaurant not only thrives, but stands the test of time.

Piatto Bistro is one such restaurant.

There are few issues more delicate than coffeeshop preferences.

Have you ever wanted to buy a restaurant?

Hottest Restaurants: Oct 8 - 14

Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of Oct. 1 to Oct.

After working and sitting in traffic, you need a drink and Thursday nights are perfect for kicking back and preparing for the weekend (it's only one business day away, after all).

If you want to dine out in Streetsville and give back to the city, you are in luck -- the Taste of Streetsville event is set to kick off in the village on Sept. 8 and run until Oct. 6.