It's always sad to see a unique restaurant leave, especially when it's one of a handful of special independent gems in the City Centre area.

People who have loved dining at Villa Sorrentino, located on Lakeshore Road East, over the past two decades might be disappointed to learn that one of their favourite restaurants—and one that has more than stood the test of time—is shuttering its doors and moving on to (quite literally, actually) greener pastures.

Sad news, everyone.

It appears that popular Colombian restaurant Todo Rico has closed its doors for good. 

It appears another restaurant—this one a very new establishment that recently set up shop in one of the city's most iconic properties—has left us.

Very sad news, everyone.

One of Mississauga's best and most inventive sandwich shops has, unfortunately, shuttered its doors.

It's been a big two weeks for closures in Mississauga and we just found out about a somewhat surprising one.

Streetsville staple The Cock and Pheasant appears to have closed.

It seems there have been a lot of high-profile closings lately.

A popular Indian gem in Mississauga has, sadly, shuttered its doors for good.

If you're a fan of Asian fusion chain Spring Rolls, we have some bad news for you.

Interesting news, everyone.