If you've had a hankering for seafood (with a little side dish of stand-up comedy), you might be surprised to hear that a relatively long-standing seafood resto and wine bar has shuttered its doors
It's been a bad week for Mississauga fitness facilities.
If you recently tried to grab a slice of pizza at a well-known (and long-standing) pizza joint in the city's east end, you might have noticed that it was closed.
It appears another popular and long-standing gym has shuttered its doors in Mississauga.
Another one bites the dust.Well, sort of.
If you were planning a big night out at long-standing nightlife hotspot My Apartment, you might want to choose an alternate destination.At least for now.
Even though it's become necessary for cities to grow up rather than out, sometimes new and proposed developments fundamentally alter and affect the lay of the land and displace some establishments
Unfortunately, we have some bad news for retail fans and even worse news for tea fans.Another store, it seems, has bit the dust.
Fitness buffs might be unhappy to learn that a well-known (and long-standing) gym has seemingly shuttered its doors.
Fans of vegan and gluten-free cuisine might be unhappy to hear that Buddha Bowl, a restaurant that only set up shop in Port Credit a little less than a year ago, has seemingly closed its doors for