First UFC Gym in Ontario Opens in Mississauga


The UFC (or Ultimate Fighting Championship, for those who don't know) has been on fire for years. It's become an institution and one fastest growing sports, attracting fans of all ages and inspiring interest in mixed martial arts (MMA). While not everyone wants to be a fighter, many admire the fitness aspect of the sport.

Which makes sense, because who doesn't want an intimidatingly cut physique?

Now, for the first time in Ontario, UFC fans and admirers can test their might in a miniature (and not necessarily for fighting) octagon at the brand new UFC Gym in the Grand Park plaza at Grand Park and Burnhamthorpe.

Well the octagon may just be for training purposes, the gym -- spacious, fresh and packed with everything from weight machines to treadmills to monkey bars -- is absolutely full of [positive] UFC spirit.

When I first walked into the facility late last week to find out more about what was going to set it apart from other gyms, I was impressed by a few things.

The first thing that stood out? The generous, open concept space that was uniquely walkable -- especially considering the wide array of equipment.

The second? The self-aware soundtrack that permeated the airy, industrial-style gym. There was hard-hitting cock rock (that's an affectionate expression for masculine-but-woman-friendly music that one of my university friends taught me) songs that were designed to get the blood and endorphins pumping.

The third? The warm welcome my editor and I received from general manager and assistant general manager Roland Bissoon and Justin Ramnarine.

When I asked Ramnarine about what the gym offered, he went through a list of options, including fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group training and MMA-style training designed for young people.

When my editor and I asked Bissoon what people were most excited about regarding the facility, he said that a lot of people are, in fact, interested in the fitness aspect alone. A lot of potential members are -- like any gym goer -- primarily interested in weight loss.

When I asked Ramnarine about the demographics, he said the prospective clientele was pretty mixed and that, to my surprise, a lot of women were showing interest in memberships.

In terms of classes, members can try out functional fitness classes (they focus on daily ultimate training, TRX suspension and self-defense), mixed martial arts classes (kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, etc.) and youth classes (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, etc).

Another cool thing UFC Gym offers is UFC pay-per-view parties for all their members to get together and watch the fights right at the gym.

Expect to see some UFC fighters come through here and when Toronto get’s another PPV in 2016 (hoping) expect the ufc open fighter workouts to be held at the UFC Gym.

If you want a more detailed rundown of some offered training regimens, click here.

If you want to buy some gear at the UFC store, you can also purchase paraphernalia such as hats, compression socks and workout gear online.

When we chatted with Bissoon and Ramnarine, they said they expect to host a soft opening on Nov. 21. Once the gym officially opens, more information about membership rates and hours of operation will be available on the website.

People interested in taking the gym for a test drive can sign up here for three free days.

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