First of its Kind Bakery Now Open in Mississauga


A world in which one is guilted and shamed into giving up delicious baked goods is not a world anyone wants to live in, and now that a less guilt-inducing bakery has opened up in Mississauga, fewer people will feel compelled to forego that much-needed cupcake.

Capitalizing on a growing dining trend, the operators behind the newly-opened Keto Girl Bakes bakery have opened a ketogenic and low-carb bakeshop in the Clarkson neighbourhood in Mississauga.

The bakeshop, which opened in late 2018, offers keto/low carb baked goods, pizza, dinner entrees, pantry staples and more.

As far as the menu goes, the bakeshop offers a ton of cupcakes (tiramisu, red velvet, cinnamon bun, maple pancake, chocolate snowball, raspberry champagne, chocolate latte, coconut mango and root beer float varieties, to name a few), nanaimo bars, lemon cream cheese bars, caramel chocolate blondies and more.

The bakeshop also offers Lazy Dogz ( keto, low-carb, all beef-covered hot dogs on a stick).

The opening of the Clarkson location marked the brand’s very first foray into brick and mortar operations, so Mississauga diners looking for low-carb snacks are pretty fortunate.

If you’re following a ketogenic diet, Keto Girl Bakes might be more than worth checking out.

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