Fav spots insauga: Roc n’ Docs in Port Credit


It's nice to know there are still a few select places in Mississauga where you can go and experience a night of great live music. A place where the beer is flowing and the sounds of a guitar resound through the walls and you can literally feel  the music. 

None of this synthesized, computer altered, digitally enhanced bullshit, I am talking about real, raw, live music.

Roc 'n Docs provides amazing live music 7 nights a week-and trust me, the bands are good.

Whether you're in to house music or rockin' out to your favorite screamo band, you can't deny the fact that you'd probably sing along to live classics like "Brown Eyed Girl", and after a few drinks you might even get up there and dance! 

This is the scene at Roc n' Docs and it is a ton of fun. 

I mean, what's not to love when you see that 65-year-old lady dancing her butt off and singing her heart out to her old favorite Beatles classics?

Set in the heart of Port Credit, Roc n' Docs has been there for approximately twenty years.

More recently, a rooftop patio was built on top of the bar, making it one of the few bars in Mississauga that actually has one.

On those sunny days in the summer, with the breeze coming in off the lake, this rooftop feels a little like heaven...plus there's alcohol.

The food is pretty decent, too, and with deals like "A Pound and A Pint for $9.99" during Leaf games, the food tastes even better!

I went on Thursday night at about 9 o'clock and the band was just setting up. A two-piece band, self titled "Paul and Curtis".

I walked in and sat down at a table in front of the band analyzing my surroundings. 

-ATTENTION SINGLE LADIES-Just a side note-this place was packed with cute guys! If you like the "jockey-hockey" type, there was more than enough to go around. Sitting there alone sipping my vodka martini, I felt like I was on sale at this local meet market! Haha! 

The band was awesome. Not only did they play songs that made you wanna just get up and shake it, their comical banter made for some great laughs among the crowd.

The stage is at the front of the bar in the corner so that everyone has a great view of the show.

The old style red brick wall behind the band gives it a cool, "back alley" feel, and with monitors on both the floor and ceiling, the sound was absolutely fantastic. 

The people are great. There are a lot of Port Credit locals, who are, in my opinion, always great people. My favourite part about the evening, to be honest, was the fact that I came to this bar alone, and by the end of the night, I was sitting at a different table, laughing and singing along with about ten other people. The atmosphere was so welcoming, and I believe it was partly due to the fact that the music was so good. Good music makes people happy and as corny as this might sound, we need more of both in this world.

There aren't many places left in Mississauga like this. 

If you are looking for a fun night out to have a few drinks and enjoy some great live music, definitely check out Roc n' Docs.

Sure, you can go out to the newest club, Jersey Shore style, and listen to a DJ spin the latest in Top 40 Hits, but there's nothing better than that nostalgic feeling of hearing those old favourites brought back to life, live. 

Roc n' Docs is located in Port Credit and features live music every night. Other bands include Marshall Dane, Chuck Jackson & the All Stars, Tony Springer & the Wild T, Phil Naro and many more. Take a night off and come check em' out; it'll be good for you to get some live music back into your life!Roc’n Doc’s>

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