Everything You Need to Know About Jurassic Park West Tonight


The Toronto Raptors are one win away until they win the Finals!

Game 5 airs tonight at Jurassic Park West also known as Mississauga’s Celebration Square.

The Raptors are making their first NBA Finals appearance. They have already won three games and need one more to win the NBA Finals. Peel police estimate that more than 20,000 people watched the game at Jurassic Park West and more than 5,000 celebrated at Jurassic Square during the last four games.

To kick off the night, there will be pre-game entertainment and lots of food vendors on scene to help everyone get into the Raptors spirit.

Starting at 8 p.m, DJ Andre 905 and Sir Lancelot will entertain the crowds. There will also be basketball nets set up around Jurassic Park West, so don’t forget to bring your basketball to shoot hoops prior to tip-off.

Dimkin’s Crepes, Le Chateau Chicken, Rollz Creamery and OMG Perogies will be on-site providing fans with delicious food and drinks.

To show your team spirit, Mississauga Food Bank will be collecting non-perishable food items for donation.

Getting to the square tonight might get a little difficult, so fans are encouraged to take MiWay to Jurassic Park West using MiWay’s online trip planner or by calling 905-615-INFO (4636).

Nonetheless, parking is available in the underground parking lots at the Civic Centre and the Central Library.

Since we all know the square will get rowdy after today’s game, the city has released a number of precautions to help ensure everyone is safe while watching the big game.

Jurassic Park West will be closed to the public immediately following the upcoming game(s).

Peel Police will also be assisting attendees to exit and clear the square.

There will be intermittent road closures at half time and at the end of the game to ensure pedestrian safety when exiting Jurassic Park West.

The capacity of the square is 30,000 people; however, many more people are expected to flock to the area. Peel Regional Police and St. John Ambulance will be on scene to make sure everyone at the event is safe.

The city is advising fans to be respectful to those around you and the property near you. They are also telling people to exit the square immediately following the game. Food and beverage containers should be thrown away in the garbage and recycling containers located throughout the square. Jurassic Park West does not permit alcohol or smoking on-site.

The game will be shown rain or shine, so make sure you are prepared for the weather!

Now that you are “in the know” about tonight’s game at Jurassic Park West, make sure you stay safe and have fun!

Today’s game will start at 9 p.m. Game 6 will take place on June 13 and game 7 will be on June 16, if necessary (let’s hope it’s not).

Photo courtesy of @defiant.visuals

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