Did You Know About These Crucial Rules in Oakville?

Published November 13, 2018 at 10:08 pm

Oakville has some pretty crucial, and noteworthy, rules that residents should be aware of. 

Oakville has some pretty crucial, and noteworthy, rules that residents should be aware of. 

According to the town, Oakville’s Enforcement Services division is dedicated to developing a safe, welcoming and pleasant community for residents and visitors.

As a result, certain by-laws are put in place.

Oakville’s most frequently requested by-laws include animal licensing, business licensing, fences, noise, nuisance, parks, property standards and lot maintenance, private trees, site alteration, and signs.

Animal Licensing By-Laws

This by-law regulates the keeping of animals in the town and also includes provisions for animal identifications. 

Business Licensing By-Laws

This by-law, which was recently updated in 2018, licenses and regulates arborist consulting, arboriculture and landscaping, and tree companies in the town.

Fence By-Laws

This by-law regulates fences and privacy screens.

Noise By-Laws

This by-law regulates noise in the town.

Nuisance By-Laws

This by-law regulates public nuisances in Oakville, in addition to vibration, odour, dust and outdoor illumination – such as indoor lighting that can be seen from outside.

Park By-Laws

This by-law outlines and regulates rules to follow at Oakville parks.

Property Standards and Lot Maintenance By-Laws

This by-law controls the accumulation of refuse and debris on land, the use of land for wrecking, salvaging motoring vehicles, and forbids the placement of graffiti on property in the Town of Oakville.

Private Trees By-Laws

This is a by-law that regulates, or prohibits, the injury or destruction of trees on private property in Oakville. 

Site Alteration By-Laws

As the name implies, this by-law regulates site alterations within the town.

Sign By-Laws

This by-law regulates advertising devices, such as signs, within the town. 

To monitor these and all by-laws in Oakville, by-law enforcement officers work to educate residents about Oakville by-laws, respond to complaints, and conduct investigations related to by-law offences, and issue warnings or penalties for by-law violations when needed.

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