Daily COVID-19 cases continue their roller-coaster ways in Niagara


Published August 17, 2022 at 1:32 pm

If you haven't had your booster shots yet, get them ASAP. If you do catch COVID-19, it could be the difference between just a nasty flu-like cold or hospitalization.

While daily cases of COVID-19 in Niagara continue to go up and down like a roller-coaster as the summer progresses, there is one number that can only rise.

Fatalities in the region have now hit 593, some 30 higher than just two months ago.

With 44,212 cases of COVID-19 through every variant since the pandemic began in March 2020, Niagara now has a 1.34 per cent fatality rate.

Ignoring today case number of 12 – because that number will be much when Niagara reports again on Friday – the lowest daily case count was 32 on August 7 while just four days later on August 11, it had jumped up to 71.

However, looking at the charts below – the one on the left representing August 4 to 17, the one on the right representing July 23 to August 5, the daily variances were taking much higher swings up and down than presently.

An even closer look shows how malleable the daily numbers are. In the graph on the right, August 4 is shown to have 58 new cases. Today, that date is showing 67 cases. Much the same for August 5, which originally charted 21 new case on the right, and is showing an adjustment to 48 cases on today’s figures.

The region says over the past four weeks, 89 Niagara residents have been hospitalized for COVID-19.

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