Cost of a cappuccino in Mississauga, Hamilton much less than in other Canadian cities, rankings show


Published November 8, 2023 at 2:20 pm

Most expensive cities in Canada for cup of cappuccino
(Photo: Unsplash)

By several measures, Mississauga is among the most expensive cities in Canada in which to live.

But if you’re thirsty for a cappuccino, it’s apparently not so bad. In fact, someone on the hunt for the hot and frothy coffee beverage in Canada’s seventh-largest city will pay, on average, more than $1 less for a cup than those in Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria and Surrey, B.C., rankings released today show.

Just down the QEW from Mississauga, Hamilton isn’t such a pricey place to grab a cappuccino either. People there have to dig into their pockets for only 13 more pennies, on average, than Mississaugans.

To mark National Cappuccino Day, which falls on Nov. 8, online casino compiled a list of the 20 most expensive cities in Canada in which to buy a cup of cappuccino — and Mississauga placed 20th ($4.56 per cup) while Hamilton came in at No. 18 ($4.69) and Toronto No. 11 ($5.03).

Based on average prices for a regular-sized cappuccino, findings showed that Ottawa and Vancouver topped the list, with an average price of $5.62 per cup.

Rounding out the top 10 are Victoria ($5.59), Surrey ($5.58), Calgary ($5.47), Quebec City ($5.43), Windsor ($5.29), Kelowna, B.C. ($5.25), Edmonton ($5.06) and Nanaimo, B.C. ($5.06).

After Toronto in 11th spot, you’ll find Kingston ($5), Montreal ($4.93), Saskatoon ($4.83), Halifax ($4.81), London ($4.79), Winnipeg ($4.79) and Burnaby, B.C. ($4.57) also among the top 20.

As for the most popular type of coffee among Canadians, noted that, according to Google Trends data from the past 12 months, latte topped that list, preferred by 32 per cent of those surveyed. Iced coffee (25 per cent), espresso (22 per cent), cappuccino (11 per cent) and mocha (10 per cent) followed.

At least on the cappuccino front, Mississauga residents seem to be getting a bit of a break. In a study done last year, Mississauga was determined to be the second-most expensive city in North America in which to live.

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