Closure: Popular Japanese restaurant closing in Mississauga


Published August 9, 2023 at 8:32 am

iron chef mississauga closed

Mississauga’s first teppanyaki and sushi restaurant has closed.

Iron Chef Japanese Steakhouse, a staple in the city for many years, announced its closure on the website. The restaurant, located at 4920 Tomken Rd., closed on July 31.

“We are sorry to let you know that Iron Chef Japanese Steakhouse will be shutting down operations permanently on July 31st, 2023,” a message to customers says on the website. “Many thanks for your support over the past years.”

Named after the famed Japanese television cooking show, Iron Chef or Ryōri no Tetsujin, the Mississauga restaurant was a “dining experience.”

Customers could watch chefs cook teppanyaki orders on a hibachi or iron griddle right in front of them.

The chefs were known to perform “dazzling and highly skilled maneuvers.”

Customers would often take photos or videos of the fast-working chefs.

The restaurant also specialized in sushi and sashimi.

Iron Chef made reviewer’s top lists including’s top 5 Japanese restaurants for sushi.

“When you first walk in, a modern Japanese restaurant greets you with sit-down dining on one side and teppanyaki on the other,” the review reads. “I’ve heard a lot about this place over the years, and with a name like Iron Chef, you expect a lot.”

The sushi was “done very well and the fish to rice ratio is in favour of the fish,” the review continues.

The menu also included other Asian dishes such as Pad Thai.

“Iron Chef is the best place to find delicious Asian cuisine in a comfortable environment. We guarantee you’ll have a great time,” the Iron Chef website noted.

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