Top 5 Japanese restaurants to get sushi in Mississauga

Published February 3, 2023 at 7:44 pm

Tomo Sushi tree

The following Japanese restaurants are not AYCE sushi joints in Mississauga. These five Japanese restaurants are perfect for a romantic date, a business meeting or if you just want good Japanese food.

These are a la carte restaurants that take a little more time to make your Japanese dishes. Japanese cuisine is simple, elegant, tasty and healthy, which is why scientists believe that Japanese people are among the healthiest the world.

Here are the top five Japanese restaurants in Mississauga:

5 – Iron Chef

Iron Chef is located in the weirdest plaza to get into by Tomken and Eglinton. When you first walk in, a modern Japanese restaurant greets you with sit-down dining on one side and teppanyaki on the other. I’ve heard a lot about this place over the years, and with a name like Iron Chef, you expect a lot. Was it worth the hype? No, but it was good enough to make the top 5. The sushi is done very well and the fish to rice ratio is in favour of the fish, which I always prefer. This place also has daily lunch specials that are great for the lunch sushi enthusiast who wants to save a couple of bucks.

4 – Dai Ichi Sushi Restaurant

An incredible restaurant located on the southwest side of Mississauga that you can’t even see from the street is Dai Ichi Sushi. Once you find it, you walk into a contemporarily decorated Japanese restaurant. They have small rooms to eat in, which is nice if you don’t want to listen to people at the next table drone on about their computer system at work. I ordered the sushi/sashimi bento box, and as you can see in the picture, the fish was plentiful. The sushi was done very well and the rice was packed very tight (the way it should be) and the sashimi was very fresh. This place is actually very well priced compared to others on this list. This place is great for a date due to the closed-off rooms.

3 – Masamune Japanese Restaurant

Masamune Japanese Restaurant has been in Mississauga for over 20 years and is one of the only Japanese restaurants in our Top 5 list to offer both Western-style dining with Western tables and chairs and traditional Japanese style dining in Zashiki Rooms (also referred to as Tatami Rooms). The Zashiki room is where a group can dine in traditional Japanese style with shoes removed, chabudai (low tables), small pillows to sit on, and a sunken floor for your legs. The sashimi is most definitely the freshest and most tender in the top 5. Overall, the experience was good including the attentive customer service. This place is a little pricier but you can tell why in the quality of fish.

2 – Hinote Sushi 

Hinote Sushi takes the number two spot based on the quality of the food, presentation and atmosphere. It’s a small gem hidden in a residential plaza. If you want to try it during your lunch break, get there before noon because there is a daily and loyal lunch rush. Although Hinote is a touch pricier than other sushi restaurants, it is worth it and you get what you pay for.  One of my all-time favourite Japanese dishes is a spicy salmon roll/hand roll and Hinote does it so well. The presentation is beautiful. The taste is a melody in my mouth and incorporates the savoury flavour of their special hot sauce, the crunchiness of the bits of tempura and the soft freshness of the raw salmon. It’s literally an explosion of opposing textures that just works so well. 

1) Tomo Sushi

This gem, which also operates a location in Richmond Hill, recently took over the space once occupied by Sushi Tei. While many residents were sad to see Sushi Tei go, they should be happy that a Japanese place this good took its spot. This place, which offers a small, complimentary noodle dish at the start of your meal, has some of the best and freshest sushi and sashimi in Mississauga. It also offers omakase, which means customers can allow the chef to customize a meal for them. This isn’t a sushi place you want to miss.

  1. Tomo Sushi
  2. Hinote Sushi Restaurant
  3. Masamune Japanese Restaurant
  4. Dai Ichi Sushi Restaurant
  5. Iron Chef Japanese Steak House Asian Cuisine -closed
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