Cannabis joints tossed on the ground can make children and pets ‘very sick’: Mississauga officials


Published June 15, 2023 at 9:58 am

Cannabis smokers in Mississauga are being urged to throw away used joints properly and not on the ground where they can make children, family pets and wildlife “very sick.”

A City of Mississauga spokesperson told that while it doesn’t appear to be a major issue at this point, officials want to nip any potential problems in the bud.

“The City wanted to send out some proactive messaging for general awareness/education about disposing of joints (or cigarette butts) appropriately,” the spokesperson said in an email. “Other cities have experienced problems with pets and wildlife becoming ill.”

In a post to social media, City officials noted that the used joints can “make young people and pets very sick.” They ask smokers to put them in the garbage instead, ensuring the joint is out and not hot before doing so.

For several years, Mississauga was the largest municipality in Ontario to deny the operation of legal cannabis stores within its borders. 

However, Mississauga City council voted 8-4 on April 19 to lift the ban and allow cannabis to be legally sold in the city via retail cannabis shops. The decision came after several hours of sometimes heated discussion among councillors and some 20 deputations from businesses and members of the public that appeared before council.

Since weed was legalized in 2018, Mississauga had for nearly five years stood firm in its position against allowing the cannabis shops to open.

The issue at hand had always been control over where the pot shops would be allowed to open and do business. A number of Mississauga councillors wanted to be able to regulate the businesses to some degree.

However, the Ontario government also stood firm, saying the shops are not to be controlled by municipalities.

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