Canadian politicians losing trust of public due handling of pandemic: survey


Published May 12, 2021 at 10:14 pm

Have you lost faith in our current politicians?

Recent research from Discover by Navigator found that Canadians have lost faith in the Prime Minister, most premiers and the country’s largest businesses and corporations over the course of the pandemic.

According to the findings, 44 per cent of respondents reported feeling less trust in Justin Trudeau now than before the pandemic, while only 19 per cent reported increased feelings of trust.

At the provincial level, Ontario Premier Doug Ford received the second-steepest drop in trust among premiers, as 51 per cent of Ontarians reported that they trust Ford less now than before the pandemic, while only 20 per cent reported increased trust in the premier.

“While voting intentions tend to be positive for incumbents right now, this erosion in trust suggests that Canadians may be running out of patience and may soon be shopping around for alternatives,” André Turcotte, associate principal at Discover by Navigator, said in a news release.

When it came to businesses, 32 per cent of Canadians reported feeling less trust in large businesses, compared to just 14 per cent who felt more trust.

However, small businesses have not fallen out of favour among Canadians, as 31 per cent report that their trust in them has increased, and only nine per cent reported that it had decreased.

Doctors have seen the biggest increase in trust among Canadians, as 49 per cent of respondents reported feeling more trust for doctors now than before the pandemic, while only 11 per cent said the pandemic has eroded their trust in medical professionals.

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