Canadian Beer Day going virtual this year


Today (October 7), thousands of Canadians will come together--virtually--to celebrate one of our nation's favourite drinks: beer.

For the second consecutive year, Canadian brewers and beer enthusiasts across the country will be raising a glass to recognize the impacts beer and connected industries have on our culture, communities and the economy.

October 7, also known as Canadian Beer Day, is dedicated to celebrating beer and the thousands of Canadians involved in brewing, selling, delivering, serving--and enjoying--the beloved beverage.

“Beer brings Canadians together, and it’s been a major part of our country’s cultural fabric for generations,” Luke Chapman, interim president of Beer Canada, said in a news release.

“2020 has been a difficult year for a lot of Canadians and businesses, making beer’s role in bringing friends and family together more important than ever. Whether virtual or in person, we want to build on the success of the inaugural Canadian Beer Day and show how much our breweries, barley farmers, restaurateurs and all those connected to beer mean to Canadians and our country," he continued.

Further, Beer Canada is encouraging Canadians to participate in 2020's iteration by enjoying a cold one--or three--and by posting a photo of your favourite Canadian-made beer or brewery on social media using #CDNBeerDay, and sharing what makes you #BeerProud.

It should come as no surprise that many Canadians are fond of beer--Canadian brewers directly employ over 15,000 Canadians, while 149,000 jobs across Canada’s hospitality, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing sector are supported in some way by the production and sale of the sudsy beverage.

Additionally, Canadians have a penchant for local beer--85 per cent of beer consumed by Canadians is made in Canada.

Moreover, Canada is home to more than 1,000 breweries, and beer contributes $13.6 billion to Canada’s GDP annually.

“Despite the challenges we’ve faced together as a country this year, there’s a lot to be proud of as Canadians,” Chapman said.

“It’s been great to see our country come together, and in the beer industry specifically, we’ve seen an overwhelming display of Canadian spirit from brewers, beer drinkers and industry partners," he continued.

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