Burlington-Based Business Launching Unique Security App

Published August 15, 2019 at 3:48 pm

In just a matter of days, a Burlington-based business will be launching an incredibly unique security app. 

In just a matter of days, a Burlington-based business will be launching an incredibly unique security app. 

In a few days, a Burlington-based startup company will be launching a new app that is expected to change the security guard industry. The app, and company, is called Numze.

So, what exactly is this app?

Well, according to a press release, through the app businesses, organizations, and individuals will be able to hire licenced security guards. On the other hand, licenced guards will be able to sign-up and start accepting contract work on the spot.

And despite having not even launched yet, the app has already received a lot of support.

According to the release, the company has received $1.2-million in funding from private investors, locally and internationally, for the app which was developed by Paul Carson and Ron Hazell.

The duo also operates Canadian Protection Services – the parent company of Numze.

“We are elated with the support of our new app, I mean it is simply unreal, considering we have not even launched yet,” Carson, the CEO and co-founder of Numze, said in a statement. “It is just incredible to see how many business owners and professionals want change in the security guard industry. For years our niche-service-sector has operated under the ‘same-old-same-old-model’ and it’s all stale.”

“Numze is revolutionizing the entire industry – one that needs a huge makeover,” Carson continued. “Numze is better streamlining access to licensed security guards for businesses, organizations and individuals. At the same time, we are providing new freelance employment opportunities that never existed before for licensed security guards who want more flexibility with their work schedules, and better pay-rates for shifts.”

So, how will this app work?

“All businesses, organizations, and individuals need to do is download the app on their mobile devices and start offering work to licensed security guards,” notes the release. “And all licensed security guards need to do is accept or decline work offered via push-notifications to their personal-profile-platforms.”

Security guards who sign up with the app will undergo an intense on-board-screening process. Through this process, they will be required to release their personal information and credentials for final approval. 

In addition, businesses, organizations and individuals will be reviewed to confirm that they are legitimate.

Although Numze has designed for people to find work, and/or hire a security guard, there will be a system in place if the process doesn’t work out.

According to the release, if a security guard doesn’t show up for a shift: “That guard is immediately flagged in the system and cannot work another shift until he/she meets with Numze representatives to determine why the shift was missed. Also, the system creates an event database per-guard, so guards that fail to perform regularly will be quickly identified and administratively sanctioned up to and including removal from the app.”

Once the app is launched, anyone will be able to join and book security guards on-an-as-need-basis, along with guards being able to pick up work that fits their schedules.

Although exact date has been provided, Numze is expected to launch soon on the App Store and Google Play. 

Currently, Numze has offices in Burlington, Hamilton, and Toronto. However, there are plans to open offices in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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