Brampton considers crack down on delivery vans parked on neighbourhood streets


Published May 25, 2022 at 11:57 am

A Brampton councillor believes the time has come to crack down on delivery trucks and vans — such as the ones used by Amazon couriers — that are parked on residential streets when they are not being used.

Councillor Charmaine Williams for Ward 7 and 8 believes the vehicles have become a nuisance by taking up too much space on neighbourhood streets and parking on lawns and driveways which may be against City bylaws.

The trucks and vans are a common site in Brampton, which is home to several logistic companies such as Amazon, that contract out parcel delivery to private companies and individuals. These couriers buy or rent the vehicles and often park on residential streets overnight, weekends or when they are not being used.

“I think we should put it back on some of these companies who are doing this,” she said. “They should provide the parking.”

Williams said she gets numerous complaints about cube vans and other delivery vehicles that are not only parked for long periods on streets but also in parks and municipal parking lots.

Brampton is currently studying the future of parking in the city and is set to introduce new rules that will address the van and truck situation.


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