Anti-mask and defund police protests happening at Hamilton City Hall today


Published November 29, 2020 at 10:00 am

Police say residents may notice an increased police presence in the area as two separate groups protest at City Hall today.

“Hugs Over Masks and DefundHPS will both be exercising the right to peaceful protest,” police said this morning.

Hugs Over Masks, based in Toronto, is a group of Canadian residents protesting against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, including the need to wear a mask and socially distance from other people.

DefundHPS is a local group that has called on the City of Hamilton to defund the Hamilton police and invest that money towards initiatives fighting against food insecurity, racism, and towards more affordable housing and other social services in the city.

Both groups have protested in Hamilton in the past, with the organizer of a Hugs Over Masks event being charged by Hamilton police after the anti-mask rally was attended by over a hundred people earlier this month.

“We will be on site to ensure groups demonstrate safely and peacefully, while following COVID regulations,” police said.

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