A special market has arrived at Square One in Mississauga


Are you looking for a very special Valentine's Day present for that special someone (who might just be your mom or child or best friend, as Valentine's Day can be for everyone, after all)?

If so, you might want to check out the Valentine's Day Market at Square One in Mississauga. 

The Valentine’s Day Market, which runs from Feb. 12 - 16 on Level 2 (just across from H&M), boasts curated selections of florals, sweets, and accessories. 

Vendors at the market include Adorable AF, Blooming Cotton Candy, Blossom Moments, Fleur de Reine, LipCandy, PalettAmerica, and Tiary. 

As far as products go, you can get both cheeky and vulgar (for your edgier partner) greeting cards, cotton candy spun into fun shapes (think bunnies, ducks and teddy bears), bouquets, roses, and flower arrangements, handcrafted lipsticks and products, handcrafted gelato paletas, and custom jewellery. 

Will you be stopping by the market this long weekend?

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