A new record was hit for the amount of cars stolen in 2023 in Mississauga and Brampton


Published December 16, 2023 at 4:43 pm

Over 7,000 vehicles stolen in 2023 in Mississauga and Brampton

With the final month of the year upon us, the ongoing challenge of stolen vehicles remains a prevalent issue in the neighbourhoods of Mississauga and Brampton with over 7,000 incidents reported in the last 12 months.

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 16, Peel Regional Police data indicates a combined 7,637 vehicle thefts were reported across both cities — 4,334 in Mississauga and 3,303 in Brampton.

Here’s a month-to-month breakdown of the number of vehicles stolen in these cities according to police data:

  • Jan. 1 to Feb. 1: 827 — 356 Brampton 471 Mississauga
  • Feb. 2 to Mar. 2: 684 — 317 Brampton 367 Mississauga
  • Mar 3 to April 4: 871 — 403 Brampton 468 Mississauga
  • April 5 to May 6: 628 — 284 Brampton 344 Mississauga
  • May 7 to June 8: 684— 325 Brampton 359 Mississauga
  • June 9 to July 10: 626  — 257 Brampton 369 Mississauga
  • July 11 to August 12: 711 — 316 Brampton 395 Mississauga
  • August 13 to Sept 14: 655 — 257 Brampton 398 Mississauga
  • Sept 15 to Oct 16: 711 — 267 Brampton 444 Mississauga
  • Oct 17 to Nov. 18: 684 — 280 Brampton 404 Mississauga
  • Nov 19 to Dec. 16: 556 — 242 Brampton 314 Mississauga

In the early months of 2023, just after the holidays, carjacking’s surged in the region with over 800 incidents. The following month saw a 17% drop, but as spring arrived, the numbers bounced back surpassing January’s figures.

From April through summer, a rollercoaster-like trend in car thefts unfolded, hovering in the 600s until the end of July.

August marked a peak above 711, gradually decreasing in September and by mid-fall, incidents climbed back into the 700s.

As 2023 approaches its end, the current count sits at 556 stolen vehicles—though these numbers may see further increases in the coming weeks.

As of today (Dec. 16) only 202 stolen vehicle cases have been successfully solved, while 4,683  are still being investigated and 2,752 are deemed unsolved.

The following map shows where this year’s auto thefts took place:

Peel Regional Police data of vehicles stolen last 12 months in Mississauga and Brampton exceeds 7000

The data also highlights the top 20 common hotspots for these carjacking’s:

  • Airport Road
  • Ambler Drive
  • Burnhamthorpe Road
  • Central Parkway
  • City Centre Drive
  • Courtney Park Drive
  • Derry Road
  • Dixie Road
  • Dundas Street
  • Goreway Drive
  • Great Lakes Drive
  • Hurontario Street
  • Kennedy Road
  • Lakeshore Road
  • Main Street
  • Mississauga Valley Boulevard
  • Queen Street
  • Rutherford Road
  • Terminal Three Road
  • Viscount Road

Compared to the same time last year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 16, 2022), the tally of vehicle thefts was notably low at 44 incidents for both Mississauga and Brampton.

The substantial rise in carjacking’s in 2023 may have brought a great fear and concern among residents.

This year Peel Police have been actively investigating numerous operations, repeatedly apprehending groups of suspects involved in stealing luxury vehicles and engaging in re-vinning activities. In many instances, these stolen vehicles were either part of “chop shops” and striped for parts or destined for export to various countries, including the Middle East and Africa.

Here are some noteworthy carjacking incidents from the year:

Interestingly, in its annual report on the vehicles most targeted by thieves, Équité Association disclosed details on the top 10 “least stolen” vehicles throughout Ontario, which included Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai brands.

It appears that thieves are diversifying their targets, extending beyond traditional land vehicles to watercraft. In a significant incident this past year, police charged two individuals after discovering over $100,000 worth of stolen Sea-Doos and SUV in Caledon.

Examining the trends in car thefts, some areas are more vulnerable than others and local residents are urged to exercise additional precautions.

Peel police have shared helpful tips to prevent individuals from falling victim to auto thefts:

  • if possible, park your vehicle in a locked garage, as the majority of the vehicles have been stolen from driveways.
  • use a steering wheel lock. It will also act as a visible deterrent.
  • install a lock on the data port. This simple device can be purchased online and blocks access to the computer port where the thieves gain access to reprogram the vehicle’s keys.
  • consider purchasing a quality video surveillance system. Ensure cameras are properly placed and functioning for day and night use. Familiarize yourself with the system so it can be reviewed and accessed immediately.
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