How Square One looked like 47 years ago in Mississauga


Did you know that the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga is 47 years old and has been growing and expanding ever since.

Let's look back though these incredible images of Square One when it was first built way back in 1973.

Raw land where the City Centre and Square One now stands with a sign announcing  the new development in 1968.

A promotional newsletter showing the early construction in the Mississauga City Centre and Square One. Note the caption under the image that states “weather controlled spacious shopping mall”. I guess air-con was the new thing back then. (1971)

The front entrance of Square One and the three office buildings in the City Centre looking north. (1972)

Square One nears completion. (Looking south east in 1973)

An aerial view of Square One nearing completion (looking south) and the other four offices structures occupying the City Centre at the time. Note the open air court in the centre that had an ice rink in the winter and a place to eat in the summer.  (1973)

The front entrance to Square One nearing completion.  (1973)

Aerial view of Square One nearing completion (looking south) and the other four office buildings occupying the City Centre at the time. (1973)

The opening ceremonies on October 3rd, 1973.

One of the hallways at Square One in 1973. Look at the ash trays mounted on the garbage.

Front entrance to Square One. (1973)

City Centre aerial view (1973)

Photography courtesy of Ron Duquette

The 1974 Square One Mall Directory

In 1974 the biggest mall in Canada at the time Square One in Mississauga opened its doors to 160 retailers.

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