A Big Change is Coming to Halton Hills’ Cultural Sector

Published February 27, 2019 at 8:06 pm

The Town of Halton Hills is always working to grow and improve its local cultural sector.

The Town of Halton Hills is always working to grow and improve its local cultural sector. And for the past 10 years a key component to the growth of this sector has been the Halton Hills Cultural Roundtable (HHCR).

However, according to a recent press release, the organization is concluding.

It was noted in the release that the roundtable was first created in order to engage the town in cultural planning, and to boost the profile of culture in Halton Hills. 

“The dissolution of the HHCR is the right business decision because we have met our mandate and accomplished what we set out to do,” HHCR’s Chair, Ro Palumbo-Coates, said in the release.

Palumbo-Coates continued, “The Roundtable achieved many successes over the past 10 years championing the growth of arts and culture in Halton Hills.”

The organization has been involved with the Annual Cultural Symposia, the Red Door Gallery, the town’s Cultural Master Plan, the Big Daddy Festival, and more. 

The town, since 2011, through a fee-for-service Memorandum of Understanding, has provided around $320,000 in direct funding to the organization.

Although the dissolution may come as a shock, and may be incredibly sad for some, fear not because the town is already planning on building on the success of the HHCR. 

“The town is actively exploring other opportunities for continuing to strengthen Halton Hills’ cultural vibrancy,” reads the release.

Anyone who is interested in receiving future cultural communications from the town is encouraged to email [email protected]

What do you think of this decision?

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