7 Deadly Sins of Dating in College & University


"We loved each other so much, where did it all go wrong?"

When a relationship goes sour, you may find yourself asking this question. I know, I know -- you thought this was "the one". Newsflash: you're in fucking college. Every guy or girl you meet from here on out is going to feel like "the one".

The fact is, at 19, all kinds of changes are happening, and it seems that college-aged kids are more apt to be reckless with their hearts (and the hearts of others). Because some men and women mature differently, their desires might butt heads. Some girls (and boys) begin to get a feel for what they like in a partner and may want to focus on finding a long-term mate. Some guys (and girls) just want to bang. I know I'm generalizing, but hear me out.

 It seems, according to my observations at least, that the young dating game is changing.

The seven deadly sins; gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride can all be found in many relationships among college students today, and with two post-secondary schools thriving within sauga (Sheridan College and UTM), it might be fun (and, yes, sad) to look at what can go wrong.

In comes gluttony. Sex has become so hyped up and over exposed that it seems to have lost all meaning. Dating has become an excuse to get laid, which leads to the next deadly sin: sloth. Sometimes, the girl who thought she'd find her prince charming and end up living happily ever after finds herself crying on the bathroom floor puking up her last Smirnoff Ice and regretting the choice she just made to sleep with the loser she met that night at the party.

The problem is, the youth of today are too damn lazy to even date. Many guys aren't willing to put the effort into a relationship when they think it's easier to look for a girl who's willing to embrace a casual or no-string-attached arrangement.

These careless courters have developed a lack of interest in maintaining a meaningful relationship, especially when they are 'livin' it up' at college -- the supposed place where they will spend "the best years of their lives."

"It's all about having fun. We are young. This is our time to be reckless and make bad decisions. Isn't that what college is all about?" says Justin Raines, a travel and tourism student atSheridanCollege.

Greed is next on our list of sins and this one is a doozy. And here's an age old question: Why cheat?

Are we so greedy in our relationships that we need more than one partner to be satisfied? It seems many get so far into their relationships so quickly that they dig themselves a hole they can't get out of, and before long, the cheating begins. It is so selfish for one to indulge in a sexual/emotional encounter behind his or her partner's back, but it happens every day.

"It's not like I know I am going to marry my girlfriend, so if the opportunity presented itself, I'd probably cheat too," said one Sheridan College student who prefers to remain anonymous. 

Ultimately, this often causes the next deadly sin: wrath. When someone is the victim of unfaithfulness, a piece of his or her heart is broken, and the pain of that is indescribable. Once the pain subsides, anger sets in, and emotions become uncontrollable. There's no pain like a broken heart.

Envy is the sixth deadly sin. Relationships and jealousy almost always come hand in hand. The emotional bond that two people share while dating can become very intense. Jealousy begins to poke its evil head out when one person in the relationship begins to feel threatened by their partner's relationships with others. Ladies, you are allowed to have friends who are guys. Guys, it isn't a crime to engage in conversation with other women.  If the so-called "man/woman of your dreams" can't handle that, move on -- he or she isn't worth your time.

It is human to get jealous. In relationships, jealously is more than likely to occur on multiple occasions, but the trick is to communicate. So often in relationships, jealousy is not discussed, and the faintest hint of envy turns into a time bomb. Tick...tick...boom.

Pride is the last of the seven deadly sins. If you are under the impression pride is a good thing, you're wrong. Pride can be a silent creeper that can easily consume and destroy a relationship. Every couple has their disagreements. Nobody's perfect. When arguments arise, someone must admit defeat so that the problem doesn't escalate. But with pride comes arrogance and stubbornness. No one likes to admit they're wrong but let's face it -- someone always needs to wave the white flag.

Many couples break up because they "fight" all the time and no one likes to be "that couple." But we all know those couples exist.

When it comes to dating, it isn't always going to be rainbows and puppies. Drama is inevitable, especially when these seven deadly sins are so prevalent in our relationships and become the silent killers. You're young guys, but that's also no excuse to be making bad decisions. Relationships will come and go, just don't be so reckless with your hearts/heads. Again, newsflash: You're in college, so have fun, date, and be safe.     

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