5 Things Toronto Tourists Can Do in Mississauga


Published July 25, 2016 at 4:47 am


In terms of tourism, Toronto is having a banner year.

According to a recent CBC News article, Tourism Toronto expects to top the record 14 million overnight visitors the city welcomed last year.

 As for why our eastern neighbour is topping everyone’s list of must see cities, the reasons are varied and have a lot to do with big name sporting events and Canada’s weaker dollar.

It also helps that it’s a great city surrounded by other great cities.

Fortunately for Mississauga, our proximity to Toronto creates an interesting opportunity. People who travel to Toronto from the U.S., China, Mexico and Japan (the countries where a lot of tourists are coming from, according to the article) might want to see life just outside the city.

I mean, if you’re coming all the way from China, you might as well take a drive from downtown to Niagara Falls and stop in Mississauga along the way.

So, here are the top 5 things Toronto tourists should do in Mississauga if they decide to venture outside The Big Smoke (and we should do our best to ensure they do!).

5) Check Out Our Hotel + Spa Attractions

It’s all well and good to spend a night or two enjoying some pampering and old school charm at, say, The Old Mill. If you want to venture outside of TO for a luxurious night (or weekend) of wine, massages and golf, you can check out the list of packages available at The Glenerin Inn. If you want a hotel in a very walkable and exciting part of the city, you should book a package (or just a night or two) at The Waterside Inn in Port Credit.

4) Enjoy Our Neighbourhoods

A well-travelled writer for thrillist.com recently declared Toronto one of the top 20 cities in the world. In fact, TO came in at an impressive number two. Its placement on the list might have had some NYC lovers scratching their heads, but the pick makes sense to anyone who’s ever explored Toronto’s neighbourhoods and found something exciting and unique about almost every single one of them. Mississauga, like its neighbour, is full of diverse (and even walkable) areas. Tourists (and staycationers) should stroll down Lakeshore in Port Credit and enjoy the Port Credit Pier, a tapas dinner at Spice Lounge and drinks at Door FiftyFive. Streetsville visitors should duck into Franklin House to partake in a weekly Paint Nite. People wandering through Cooksville should eat all the pho they can hold in their stomachs.

3) Festivals at Celebration Square and Port Credit

If you want festivals, we’ve got festivals. There are some big ones coming up at Celebration Square which is one of the nicest and vibrant city squares in Canada. The Mosaic Festival, which is the largest South Asian multi-disciplinary arts festival in North America. Other upcoming festivals include the Mississauga Latin Festival and Port Credit Buskerfest. It’s also important to note that most of Mississauga’s festivals are 100 per cent free to attend. If you’re into jazz, you would be sad to miss the annual Southside Shuffle Blues and BBQ Festival in Port Credit.

2) Parks and Trails

If you’re outdoorsy, you’ll be on the lookout for some nature-oriented and picturesque activities. Although some would argue — perhaps rightfully — that Sauga can’t compete with the green spaces in, say, Milton (Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake come to mind), no one can say that Sauga isn’t full of scenic outdoor destinations that are perfect for biking, hiking, sightseeing and picnicking. We have a good rundown of some of our best trails here. And here are our park picks. Also, even though we specifically picked these spots as ideal for wedding pictures, they’re perfect for any occasion. You should check them out and take some selfies if you’re in town.

1) Food

Although our food scene is still growing, we would put it up against almost anyone else’s. We have a ton of new places. We have fine dining. We have Irish pubs. We have cool bars. We have cool patios. We have wine.  We have really, really good Indian food. We have cool cafes. We basically have everything, so visit us if you’re hungry.

Bonus: Arts and Culture

The ‘burbs aren’t known for the arts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be found. If you want to see a good rundown of artistic events, start here. You can also check out the city’s prestigious and inviting Art Gallery of Mississauga if you’re in the mood for one of a kind exhibits and inclusive but intellectual community events. Other artistic venues to scope out include The Living Arts Centre and Visual Arts Mississauga.


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