5 Things to Do When You're Broke in Mississauga


We’re all in the same boat. Aren’t we?

There’s never enough money to go out and experience the city.

A patio meal over the weekend? That usually sets you back from spending too much the next weekend.

But your budget needn’t be a worry.

You can spend a little, and still do a lot. Here’s how.

5) Take an art tour
If looking at art makes you happy, head out and tour the city to look at public art. The city has several permanent public art installations you can visit. And, photograph too! If art hopping is not your style, why not take a tour of the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM). It’s free! The gallery has two exhibitions on till June 17. And, has events all the time. You can look into more details on their website.

4) Venture through a trail
Being outdoorsy is the best thing to do when you’re broke. Don’t hole up at home! Strap on your most comfortable shoes and head to one of the many trails for a stroll, hike or even a run. If you own a bike that’ll make the trail even better! It’s summer so carry a camera too! Of course, nothing beats fall colours, but maybe you’ll spot a unique bird or two!

3) Take in a scenic landscape
Whatever you might be seeking, it’s possible that you’ll find it. Is it flora that you seek? If pretty flowers are your thing, how about a walk in the Kariya Park? You might have already missed the Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom now, but there are others too. The park is home to a number of plant species like rhododendrons, pines, gingko and sweetgum trees.

Plants aren’t your thing? Maybe Port Credit is more your style. Walk by the harbour, watch the endless lake from under a lighthouse and maybe lay in the nearby park for a little. Or relax in the sand at Jack Darling Park and play beach volleyball. You have the view of downtown Toronto on one end and the horizon on the other. Sounds perfect, no?

2) Do a free summer activity at Celebration Square
It’s summer, so how can you not watch a movie in the open? From May 24 to August 30, every Thursday, take your blanket or cozy chairs and head for Movie Night at Celebration Square. Can’t afford gym membership? No problem, on Wednesday evenings you can do yoga, take a boot camp or practice Zumba between May 23 to August 29. 
And, of course, you can check out a free festival too. You can find the list of upcoming events on the website.

1) Eat for cheap
A diverse city that offers a variety of food, also offers multiple pocket-friendly options. So, you can eat out once in a while. Explore food of different countries at Mississauga Flea Market, which is open on weekends only (boo!). In this International food court, you’ll find food from Colombia, India, the Philippines, the Middle East, the West Indies, Afghanistan, China, Peru and the Caribbean. Or head to Dixie Park. If Alice was Asian, this would be her wonderland (and, didn’t she always eat?). Under $20, you can choose from Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes - about hundreds of them. And, you’ll probably have leftovers too. Food runs out quickly, so get here before noon. And, there are more places where you can eat on a budget

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