5 Things To Do In Your 30’s in Mississauga


Published December 7, 2015 at 3:15 pm


So, you’re in your 30s. It’s an odd decade to enter or exist in, especially now. You might be leaving the wild days of your hard-partying 20s behind and settling down with a spouse, house, child[ren] and career. You might still be drinking until 4 am and sleeping until 2 pm. You might have recently gotten inappropriately drunk at a mature, respectable house party and put your back out vomiting. If you’re anything like me, you’re looking to hold onto the attitude that sustained you through your more experimental 20s while tweaking your lifestyle to suit a slightly older and more mature you. 

Life doesn’t end at 30, but it does change. Don’t mourn your youth — embrace your experiences and keep living the fun, cool and fabulous life you dreamed of while watching Sex and the City and Entourage re-runs on Showcase and TMN. Fortunately for you, there are very cool activities in Mississauga that are perfect for fun-loving people in their dirty 30s. 

5) Pick Your Favourite Nighttime Resto 

While you might not be making significantly more dough that you were five years ago (and if you are, congrats and good on you), you should be pulling in a little more lucre with a (hopefully) full-time gig. If you’re out of school and putting in your society-sanctioned 40 hours, you need to pick a classy establishment to celebrate the weekend at that’s not Tim Hortons. Some suggestions for hot restos that are perfect for someone who wants to let loose and throw back a cocktail or two? Door FiftyFive, &Co and Stir Kitchen and Beverage Co. At your age, you should know all your favourite drinks and be able to confidently order a setting and meal-appropriate glass of vino, local craft brew or potent cocktail. All of these stylish establishments offer a more sophisticated and unique nightlife experience — one that’s perfect for people of all ages and especially people who have no intention of giving up drinking, dancing and crispy chicken and waffles any time soon. 

Bonus: Pick your favourite indie café. There’s nothing wrong with popping into Tims or Sbux for a coffee, but the city has a lot more indie cafes that deserve your patronage. Recommendations? Archtop Café (it’s great if you’ve started collecting vinyl), The Cold Pressery and Buka Maranga Cafe and Catering. 

4) Make Your Own Wine or Beer 

If you’re 30, you’ve had 11 or more years to test and grow your booze palate. If you want to learn more about the craftsmanship behind your bevvie, you should drop absolutely everything and read our rundown of the best places to make your own wine in Mississauga. Making your own wine or beer will not only be fun, it’ll provide you with a great sense of accomplishment. Store your creation in your basement, your mom’s basement or, if you’re feeling daring, your condo storage locker. You’ll have 30-50 bottles of cabernet sauvignon or a British IPA to keep you and your loved ones pleasantly toasted all winter long. 

3) Get To Know The City’s Art Scene 

You are never too old to make or appreciate art and it’s never too late to seek out art in your own backyard. When your school days seem far away, the importance of learning can fade from your consciousness. Don’t let it. Check out the Art Gallery of Mississauga and learn about its permanent and temporary exhibits, workshops, lectures and activities. The city’s modest gallery hosts yoga classes, culture talks and fun charitable gatherings. Earlier this month, the gallery invited people to sew linens for women leaving shelters. Don’t let the activist idealism (if you had any) of your 20s slip too far away. Enjoy art, culture and giving back to your community. 

Bonus: Free Festivals. Celebration Square and its numerous cultural, musical and event-specific celebrations are for everyone. Streetsville and Port Credit are also home to festivals and events that celebrate local and international talent. Check them out. 

2) Find Local Boutiques 

For the record, I don’t think you’re ever too old for shop at Forever 21. That said, your 30s should be a time to grow and expand your style (not change it completely) and it’s fantastic to augment your wardrobe with some chic, one-of-a-kind pieces created by Mississauga-based designers. Some style and clothing brands and aficionados to check out include jewellery designer Shilango, clothing designer Candace Daniela and homegrown casual lifestyle boutique Ocean Avenue

Find a Good Gym and Spa 

At 30, you’re still young and (hopefully) healthy. That said, you might be noticing that you can’t eat after-midnight poutine or chicken fried rice three or four nights a week and still fit into your jeans the next day. If you’re making a little more money and are in the market for a little fitness, you might want to look into a membership at some of the fancier gyms the city has to offer. If you can get a massage (which you’ll probably have to pay for separately, but having the physical option is nice) after your workout, you’ll be pretty pleased with your wellness routine. Some fitness facilities to think about? The elegant and luxurious (but costly) Lifetime Fitness, a boutique gym like Habitual Fitness by City Centre or if martial arts/combat training is your thing there is Battle Arts Acedemy and Kombat Arts or one of the city’s many spacious, serene yoga studios

Bonus: Take up hiking at one of the city’s may trails or try a few unorthodox activities, such as archery tag, axe throwing or snookball. 

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