Massive New Yoga Studio Opens in Mississauga


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For even the most casual yogi, there's something truly special about walking into a new yoga studio and feeling an immediate connection with the space.

At Mind to Body Yoga and Fitness, a brand new yoga fitness and wellness centre, conveniently located on Watline Ave (in the Hurontario and 401 area), the unique, sprawling yet soothing nature of the 5,000 sq. ft. space is immediately apparent. The spacious studio, with ample parking, boasts a crisp white interior accented by soft grey floors and minimalist decor.

"The reason I chose the neutral colour palette is I was trying to achieve something subdued andcalming," explains Pritpal Singh, founder and director of Mind to Body. "We didn't want the space to be too `loud` like other studios, so we took a minimalist approach to create a distraction-free setting where visitors can focus on their practice in a more Zen-like space."

The entrance boasts a lounge area with a comfortable seating area with complimentary detox organic tea. Members who want to help themselves to some tea before or after practice can simply take a cup from a drawer and pour themselves a hot, soothing treat. On a cold or rainy day, it'll be a wonderful touch. Adding to the relaxing atmosphere, the entire space is also augmented by the presence of insulated cork floors that are soft and smooth on bare feet.

The generously sized studio offers a diverse range of classes that go beyond yoga. In fact, Mind to Body is a one-of-a-kind studio in Mississauga because it offers multiple dance fitness classes in addition to hot and regular yoga. In terms of dance, the studio offers three different kinds of classes: Bollywood, bhangra and belly dancing. Most of the dances focus on chakras and energy, so members can expect a ton of invigorating hip movements. Mind to Body is also the only studio that offers those three types of workouts on a regular basis in Mississauga, so members who want to augment their regular yoga practice with dance are finally being given the opportunity to expand their fitness experience under one roof.

To say the workout spaces are generously sized is an understatement. The studios are as serene as they are open. The main studio offers members a non-heated yoga and dance space. The open, airy interior offers stunning full-length mirrors and neatly tucked away props such as blankets, blocks, straps and eye pillows for restorative yoga. For many people in Mississauga, restorative yoga classes have been hard to come by and Mind to Body is excited to change that. Now, members can access relaxing, soothing yoga classes on a regular basis without the added time and expense of driving downtown.

The spacious and welcoming hot yoga studio is powered by infrared panels. The technology heats the body and not the air in the room, providing members with a more therapeutic heating approach that mimics sunlight. The change rooms are an extension of the space and boast the same soothing quality as the rest of the studio, offering members large (and handicap accessible) showers, lockers and seating areas. Near the change rooms, members can find a small kitchen with filtered water and a kettle. Unlike other studios, the women's change room includes hair and beauty accessories.

Mind to Body also hosts workshops including sessions on meditation and other wellness based topics.

As for the types of yoga available, Mind to Body isn't afraid to embrace variety.

There's hot core power, hot core flow, stress melt flow and yoga sculpt. There's also a Mysore practice, which has never been offered in Mississauga until now. Mysore classes, chiefly intended for yogis with a more established practice, allow members to practice on their own for an hour under the gentle guidance of an instructor. These unique classes will launch in the fall.

The studio also offers a variety of wellness services such as acupuncture, holistic nutrition and homeopathy. The studio features two registered massage therapists, as well as a holistic reflexologist and Reiki healing services. As the studio grows, so will its wellness component, adding a unique and full service offering unlike any other studio of its kind in the GTA

As of now, there are two rooms with massage stations set up, so yogis can unwind after class with a therapeutic massage with a skilled RMT (both male and female professionals are available). Soon, members will also be able to attend raw food workshops in the studio.

When it comes to ambiance, the studio truly sets itself apart.

Every morning, studio staff members add essential oils to the elegant infuser that sits on the front desk. Members are also greeted by a beautiful and calming Zen-like soundtrack that immediately soothes the senses. Everything about the lobby area, from the calming atmosphere to the comfy, welcoming lounge, exudes relaxation and peace. The studio envelopes members in a gentle embrace almost immediately, making everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Although the studio has only been open for a couple of weeks, the community is already responding positively.

"People walk by and say this concept is something they`ve always wanted and but was never available," says Singh.

More than just a yoga studio, Mind to Body is a place to gather and make connections. Members will be able to participate in charitable karma classes and, in the future, attend workshops, retreats and other events. People interested in trying the studio can book appointments and purchase yoga packages online. They can also register for meditation workshops.

For more information about classes, workshops and memberships, click here.

You can see a full schedule of classes here.

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