5 Swanky Hotels You Have to Stay at Outside of Mississauga


You - yes you - you are long overdue to treat yo’self!

There’s nothing like a getaway that’s not too far from the city, but just far enough to justify shelling out a few bills for an epic experience.

From spas, to amazing dining and amenities, to plush beds and worldly art, it’s time to indulge in some serious self care at a swanky hotel. It’ll all be worth it in the end - right?

If you’re looking for a swanky hotel to drown some cash in, look no further. Here are 5 swanky hotels you have to stay at outside of Mississauga, in no particular order.

5) Pillar and Post

Pillar and Post, located in the always classic getaway destination Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), is actually Ontario’s only five-star country inn. Escape to NOTL’s Pillar and Post for their 13,000 square foot indoor and outdoor spa, Tuscan-style fune dining restaurant complete with a poolside patio (if you’re planning a summer trip, perhaps), and a wine bar and lounge. Let’s not forget that this place is walking distance to different parks and attractions in NOTL, so you don’t have to hole up at the inn for the entire weekend - you and your friends, family, or S/O can get out and explore. Vintage hotels are always a good choice for a small group seeking some time away from the city.

Beautiful grounds at the Pillar and Post

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4) Shangri-La

This downtown Toronto hotspot is an epic choice for a swanky hotel getaway - and you’ll need some serious cash to make the most of your stay here. The rooms boast floor-to-ceiling windows and plush sofas, you’re guaranteed an incredible view of the metropolis, and let’s not forget about the hotel’s Health Club, where you can relax in a pool with cascading water features and contemporary chandeliers above. It’s an enchanting hotel for anyone who’s willing to shell out a few hundred bucks (upwards of $500) for a room. Added bonuses include the onsite Miraj Hammam Spa, and a classy high tea experience at The Lobby Lounge.

3) Millcroft Inn & Spa

Tucked away in Caledon, Millcroft boasts hot springs pools, 11 private treatment rooms, three hydrotherapy rooms, a fitness room, an outdoor terrace, and even an indoor whirlpool. Not to mention, this place has a view of 100 acres of woodlands and meadows. You’re definitely going to feel swanky here! You can lounge by the fireside in the Woodlands Lounge, sip some bubbly or wine at their fully licensed cafe, or indulge in a full body massage in this stunning Vintage Hotel spa, great for a group of friends or a romantic getaway.

2) The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton might have locations across the world, but its downtown Toronto location is something special. It has a 400-piece art collection, an epic spa inspired by European techniques, and handcrafted Italian cuisine at TOCA and cocktails overlooking the CN Tower at DEQ Terrace & Lounge. You’re in for a treat here - they even have Canada’s only cheese cave. All in all, it’s beautiful, sleek, and luxurious!

1) Drake Devonshire

If you have ever wanted to stay at The Drake Hotel in TO but didn’t think you could justify a night in a hotel when you live just 30 minutes or so outside the downtown core, this Drake property is far enough from home to make the splurge with it. The trendy and boutique Drake Devonshire, located in Wellington, Ontario, is a restored historical property with a ton of natural and cultural appeal. The hotel boasts performances by local musicians and it can offer you opportunities to enjoy art, wine, sightseeing, hiking, biking and more. This hotel—which also offers a renowned onsite resto—isn’t cheap, but sometimes you’ve gotta treat yo’self.

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